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  1. What is happening with bakes on mesh it seems to very elusive when is it coming out anyone have any ideas?
  2. I think that Mesh Creators will look at the issue very carefully:) the one thing i would say it needs to be in two parts and only used if you need it. Say you get the mesh avatar and then a separate mesh layer. (for the clothing items you want to wear). This way the avatar isn't wearing an onion layer when it doesn't need to. For optimization.
  3. Your right the idea of BOM is to remove the onion layers and you don't need Alpha cuts or a HUD. With that the rendering costs come down. But if some people want to use the HUD there is no reason why they cant. That's all i am saying. You have the Omega Applier that allows you to wear BOM textures on existing avatars. Not everyone will be running to update their avatar for whatever reason. Me i don't have alpha cuts on my avatar or onion layers, I Created my avatar for BOM. For now while BOM isn't officially released all i do is when i buy a new piece of clothing i cr
  4. Current alpha cuts can still be left in place as well as having BOM. Use the BOM alpha texture or if you wish set an alpha cut to transparent use a HUD. Mesh designers don't actually have to remove the alpha HUD. All they have to do is just remove the Onion layers. No need for it with BOM. Although they might need an extra layer for different materials that BOM cant handle. But my understanding is LL is looking at adding normal and specular maps to BOM at some future point.
  5. like i said i am relativaly new to building but in most cases its what price that most will look at will look at and a good builder can make sculpties as good as any mesh. Just mpre work in joiming them
  6. Hello I am relativally new to sculpting and creating mesh objects so i cannot really argue with what you are saying nor do i fully understand all of what you are saying. My arguement is this the majority of avatars in second life will not pay for prim expensive mesh.they already feel they pay more than enough for there land tiers, You can give explanations as much as you like it wont change the fact that if mesh is more expensive not by a bit in fact a lot. Avatars and sl builders will not buy mesh items or use mesh . This in its self will kill or lets use a more apropriate word limit the
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