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  1. I had this same problem the day that 2.5 was launched. My problem had to do with certificates and Internet Explorer, as far as I can tell. I normally use Firefox so I had never been to the SL website with IE. After I launched IE and then logged into SL's website from there once, I was able to load the profiles in the in-world viewer as well. Caveat: I do not remember if I had to close SL then re-log in order for it to work. Caveat2: I'm not sure how this will work for a Mac since there is no IE for Mac. HTH, .mpa
  2. Amen to Prokofy Neva's comment. If this is the decision, that SL really *is* a game and not a platform, then thanks for finally ending that charade. I can now completely move on to find a company that is seriously interested in the potential for virtual/physical world interaction.
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