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  1. Hey, Im using latest beta viewer and the release viewer and in both objects i animate with llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and most of the parts move properly, but one or two linked parts, stay in old position and messes up the whole animation. This doesnt happen in 3rd party viewers, so i am wondering whats going on, and is it fixable, or is it something that developers have to fix. Thanks, Abu
  2. This error disappeared as mysteriously as it started. For me it seemed something was going on in SL servers as I didnt cahnge anything on the database server side.
  3. thanks for the information, i will be looking for the solution on the server end then. ill keep this thread posted on the progress.
  4. Hi, I made a tool that connects to my php site to send and receive latest info. But since 26th of July, object gets response from the site with error 104 connection closed by peer. Weird thing is, I havent managed to witness the problem on my object but bunch of our testers get it frequently. What could be causing the issue? Is the problem on the website or in SL? Thanks, Abu
  5. To make proper physics shape its dimensions has to match the object. More speifically the bounding boxes of them, when uploading the viewer matches them, that is why the collision shape looks deformed, its size is matched with the actual object. Tested and worked for me perfect
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