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  1. Its still possible to pull out notecard from No MOD object (even from child prim). I understand that there is no perfect solution for this though.
  2. I couldn't really get no.4 but I assume you quited using notecard for setting UUID and decided to use llMessageLinked script instead? llMessageLinked is another thing which is easy to listen-in... but I guess it doesn't really matter since most of current appliers also have security hole anyways?
  3. As long as you use notecards for the configuration, your UUID will never be safe. I'm not sure if the creator of Tango or other creator is realized it but reading no MOD notecards is very very easy thing. Also, using random channel doesn't really help, since there is a script called "multi channel listner" which allows one to listen hundreds of channels at a time.
  4. Hmm, so I downloaded "Fitted Mesh Skeleton.zip" and found that the legs of female mesh model are not completely symmetric. Does anyone have fixed ver. of skinned female mesh? Male mesh seems ok.
  5. I won't load so big data from notecard so I don't think script memory would be a problem. Thanks for the answer!
  6. I made a script which load info from notecard. I know the loaded data is stored in script even if I remove that original notecard, unless the script is reset. So my question is, Is it ok to assume no-mod script in no-mod object will never be reset? Or is there any timing that grid or something force all the script to be reset?
  7. oh cool! Thanks for your reply and really appriciate your work
  8. Is there any good way to export skinned model from MAYA to blender including skin weight? I learned that Blender can import FBX and Collada, but when I tried, all skin weight information were lost or corrupted... Exported FBX and Collada file were able to open with MAYA no problem.
  9. Sorry what I wanted to say was; >Normals > Set Face then >Normals > Soften Edge
  10. Normals > Set to Face > Soften Edge (if necessary) might work?
  11. It might be because of your shape. Try set the "shoulder width" slider to 50 and see how it looks like. (might need to turn off your AO too) Its hard to make mesh fits to all slider values...
  12. Select the joints with problems and reorient them. Animation > Skeleton > Orient Joint. Try different options until you get the right result.
  13. I think its also important to know that, especially for crotch and shoulder parts, there are pretty much no way to rig it perfect with very simple skeleton system of SL. To my knowledge, in many games, charactor body and outfits were modeled all together and they basically swap models whenever changing the outfits. For prerendered movie and other 3D movie, the clothing were often modeled on top of body but still they usually hide or delete body inside the outfits. Otherwise they use more complecate rigging system with deformers, extra bones, constrains, morphing, etc. I'm sure the better wight painting will improve the bad deformation as in first picture but I think it cannot prevent the skin stick out of clothing in all the poses. Also, your clothing model seems quite high-poly. Its usually easier to make the clothing follow the body if the number of poly and geometry is closer to the body model.
  14. In my case, the problem was the size of the rigged mesh. The textures of worn rigged mesh are loaded based on the size parameters of mesh (numbers in edit window), not based on apparent size. Rezzing mesh on the ground and increasing the size solved the problem.
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