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  1. I'm just trying to figure out how sl calculates prim so that I can give our renters a proper answer. Why are we getting such disparaging numbers? How is it that, for one renter, sl says 30 prims, and when i hand count, I get 40 when looking at each object separately. I figure that mesh is "gumming up the works" here, as it were, in this area and making it more...complicated than b4 mesh.
  2. I'm an Estate & Rental Manager and some of our renters are getting notices that they are over allowed prim. However, when counted, they are getting a vastly different number that what both our rental management system (RMS) and About Land/Object is reporting. So I tried to test a theory by going to one I know only has prim in one location on our sim. Both the About Land/Objects & our RMS say this 2nd person has 30 prim out. Yet, when I counted 40 by right-clicking each object, Edit and More Info and added the prim count of each prim in the 2nd renter's area. What could account for the descrepancy? Yes, I did try to read some of the articles on how prim is calculated, but it's as clear as mud to me. I'm not a builder in the sense of creating something from raw prim, only in the decorating sense. Below is the info from About Second Life: Second Life 4.0.1 (310054) Jan 14 2016 18:17:17 (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at 205.6, 78.0, 28.8 in Sacred Cauldron located at sim10480.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sacred%20Cauldron/206/78/29 (global coordinates 265,422.0, 293,710.0, 28.8) Second Life RC Magnum I'm on a Win 7 laptop
  3. I'm looking to find the past questions I've asked in the forums b/c they have the answer to a question I've asked b4
  4. ok, I found the setting, however, I jsut rebooted sl & it didn't keep...
  5. My sl viewer recently upgraded to the lastest sl version (v. 3.8.6) and now my enviroment settings keep changing each time I log in/tp. Once it was set, it USED to remain the same & now it's quite annoying to have to reset it every time. Is there a way to keep the setting I prefer vs. reverting to Region Settings at every loging/tp? I'm on a Win 7 64-bit SP1 computer, using the Standard SL Viewer (**not** Phoenix, or any other)
  6. TY that was very helpful about the traffic, that's what i needed to know
  7. not in the sl viewer...the list goes: Me Communicate World Build Help Advanced Develop I'm not seeing "General" anywere Also, what time period does this traffic # represent? an hr., a day, a week, etc...
  8. Ah. ok, there's no "General" tab in the sl viewer, this path starts w/World. TY
  9. I need to be able to find out what traffic our sim is seeing , but i have no idea how to find that information in teh sl viewer. Help!
  10. yeah, tried the clean reinstall and it still didn't work. How/where does one file a JIRA? And, unfortunately, I've never gotten a previous version of hte sl viewer to run after a mandatory update comes thru.
  11. Just tried downloading and launching the newest, mandatory update for the SL viewer ( Now it won't fully launch. It starts to, but doens't fully load. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled several times. This does not fix the issue. I'm on a Win 7 home edition.
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