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  1. I agree with you that SL is a Linden Labs dictatorship. Completely true. However, there are possibilities that remain without having to use a different viewer. One of them being moving away from mainland. Now I realize fully that it's not the easiest option. It is however one of the best. Search for serious landlords who DO keep their customers happy. I know several who would reclaim such land without blinking an eye. I also realize that most landlords have convenants that can be just as creepy as the EULA. But here too, there are many who have relaxed rules, caring support and descent representatives. This is NOT an advert, and I am not a customer, but I would suggest IMEC. BTW That derender function in Phoenix is working as told here, I just tested it myself.
  2. Dear Carlo, Unfortuantly I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago. Your only option is to file an abuse report on fraude (yes it's an option). For the rest, you'll have to take your losses and move on.
  3. Bo Rossen

    Sound on Linux

    Thanks Glennfiddich, I wasn't aware of the options in the script. Never even looked at the script to be honest lol. But yeah I meddled with it, and this was exactly the one that worked!
  4. Bo Rossen

    Sound on Linux

    Hi, I am having audio streaming issues on Linux. I am running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic, and have both the regular client and Emerald installed. In the regular viewer, there is no streaming audio period. In Emerald, the sound is stuttering. Whenever I play the stream in VLC it is perfectly fine. Is anyone else having similar issues?
  5. Well as I already noticed for myself, uninstalling the beta doesn't remove the new inventory system folders. And as far as the chatlogs and stored settings stuff? So far any viewer I have installed, will delete these files upon uninstall! I have tested this with: official SL client snowglobe client emerald kirstens snowglobe frequency beta 2.0 I suspect the remaining viewer installers will do the same thing. But then, this is a feature from the installer/uninstaller, and not from the client itself! However, it should be asking wether you want to delete these files beforehand, instead of just going ahead and deleting everything. The only thing I can suggest atm is to make a backup of your profile directory before uninstalling any client (including the beta).
  6. Wow! I won't be trying the new Beta viewer then. Yeah... you're better off waiting for the third party developers to implement the actual good features (the new skin layers for instance), as these improvements make sense LOL
  7. You can't remove them. According to another resident in the Viewer 2.0 forums who asked LL via live chat, there is currently no way to get rid of them. Great I was already afraid of this. Here's my final feedback on the new beta: THIS IS A BUG!
  8. Nyll, I'm afraid it's slightly more complicated than that. Until today I have been running W7 RC, and was obviously being nagged at by the fact that the RC expires in a couple of days. So today (actually an hour or so ago) I installed the release version of W7 and have a fresh new installation of both Windows and the viewer on a brand new 2TB hdd. It was actually after the entire installation that I logged in, and noticed the folders there. So I'm pretty certain that the user settings have very little to do with it
  9. After logging in with the new beta last night, I quickly decided to run back to my beloved Emerald. The big question I now have is: how do I get rid of the new system folders that the viewer created? They are all empty, and are now "in my way". The "delete" option is disabled I am talking about the following folders: "Current Clothing", "Favorites", "My Outfits".
  10. Katherine, Previously, the only dealing with appearance was this line: client.Appearance.SetPreviousAppearance(false); This is the line I found as well There may be an easy fix, but I don't know what it might be, nor do I currently have the motivation to investigate it. I can understand. Therefore I'll be happy take this up and find a proper working fix for it. I have already joined the openmv dev list, so hopefully they'll have a definitive answer. I also downloaded the openmv sources, and will look into the example code to see how it's done. Even though I have little C# development knowledge, I have been able to understand your code quite well (thanks to my Delphi and Java background). When I have created a proper fix for it, I shall send you the diff, so that when you do have the time and energy you can take a look at it and add it to the git. Hopefully I should have come up with something by the end of next week (if my current job-load allows it). For what it's worth Kath, I think that your project has been one of the best development idea's of the last decade. Who knows, HTML5 might even give us the handle to even further improve it. And I am more than willing to help and devote my spare time on it. Take care, and I hope to see you back online soon!
  11. Hi all, My first real question, and I hope I'm able to solve it. Whenever I log into SL using the AjaxLife client (hosted on my own server), my friends tell me I am a white particle cloud. I have also logged in using my secondary account and can indeed see that my appearance is never downloaded. My best bet so far, is that the client first downloads the appearance, and then distributes it back to the sim for everyone else to see. My idea is to build this functionality into the AjaxLife server. Does anyone have some inside knowledge on how this works? PS I hope anyone has some better understanding of C# I'm pretty good at Delphi and have written several personal patches for the opensim server, but some things are still a pain. Any help is very much appreciated
  12. Ewer, Ewer.Short wrote: So.....i downloaded this SNOWGLOBE thing... and guess what? I have log in pictures now... LOL.. so it must be something wrong with the other viewer. Well they don't call it a release 'candidate' for nothing *grins* I want my viewer back LOL I'll agree with anyone that the RC's have the latest technology onboard, but it doesn't always make them better then the actual release version. In fact, if you want specific functionality from the RC viewer, try looking around at the other viewers... They might have what you need. You can find a nice list at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Alternate_viewers. Last but not least, don't worry too much about the pictures. Like I said, they come from the website and the viewer just downloads one to show... Cheers
  13. Ewer, Just tried the regular client, Snowglobe and Snowglobe FE. Only the last one doesn't give me the nice login screens. As a reminder... those images actually come from the SL website so it 'might' be possible they are not at the location the client is looking at. Hope this helps
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