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  1. Okay, I undestand that the format of animations will be changing. However, will their basic use in-world be changed, or will they remain playable assets kept in inventory? I.E. once created, will they be used similarly to how they are currently used in SL or will they be applied in a very different manner. Please Ebbe, any details you can offer on animations would be a massive help in reassuring myself and my customers that we're game on.
  2. I think you could get away with modifying one of the open-source chain emitter systems - like CISS - to send the skeins to the hand, by affixing a emitter object to the hand with the thread texture to the receiving prim. However, I am not sure how such would align, so far as orientation of the 'thread'.
  3. This is my newest offering - It's 13,000 and some-odd faces, comes out to 233 prims in Second Life, a number I'm pretty happy for for the size and detaiI may have to do some fiddling with reducing the size of some of the textures, but otherwise I'm very happy with it.
  4. I believe I've been stuck with the same problem - still initializing with one folder in the inventory of the outbox and it never stops, even after several hours and restarts, including the steps on the other reply...
  5. The whole "Hand Picked" element pretty much kills the idea for me. Yet another opportunity for LL to decide who will gain a special 'hand up' based on their own preferences.
  6. So...a perfectly normal rustic table, because I'd like people furnishing Gorean homes to be able to come across it, because it's appropriate decor for them, will have to search for 'rustic' to find it, based on the word 'Gorean' alone? That's, to put it quite simply, Bovine Stuff, and tantamount to assuming that a female with female cuddle should be tagged adult because it's appropriately keyworded with 'lesbian'. To put it bluntly, they should NOT be relying on their little keyword parser to figure out what the rating is. They moved plenty of animations with such charming names as 'blowj**-4
  7. 1664 Listings. Just muddled through them all - hope I got them right... And yes, it erred in both directions - marking some pretty blatantly adult animations as 'general' and other innocuous ones as 'adult', probably due to keywords like 'Gorean' - which is not adult in and of itself.
  8. I'd simply ask the giver if they meant to give that to you. If they did, wonderful and thank them for it. If not, then just return it with a gracious smile. If you have to offline ask or they don't respond after 24 hours, consider it a boon, thank them, by IM and go buy yourself something nice with it.
  9. My thoughts exactly, perhaps her AO poses are poorly animated and cause more stretch or bend at the abdomen/chest joint than is good for appearances.
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