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  1. if I buy a parcel on mainland for 4012,does that mean I have to pay 4012 per month?
  2. My friend tried to log on last night using her Phoenix viewer as she always does,but this time she could not login and got an error message saying that Phoenix viewer would no work without direct-x 9. something. Does anyone know of a new bug with Phoenox?
  3. I am new to SL viewer 2. What do I need to change to view profiles?
  4. Has anyone ever heard of fake Linden. A friend of my said someone was threatening to send him fake linden and he would be banned.
  5. I have had the same cheap skin since I started SL. I was wondering if there is someone that can make me a better quality skin without changing the way I look? Can't you people understand I just want the skin to look better. I will never change the way I look.
  6. when i go to view my google calendar on my web tab in my profile or in my partners i get SSL Handshake Failed...
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