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  1. No names or links as I am sure that is against the rules. For a time it was patchy with mostly imports of game items from free model sites (mostly one site in particular) but it seems to be heating up. In the last week half a dozen stores have listed a good two dozen Skyrim rips. Mostly helmets, melee weapons and statues. As people get comfortable with the tools involved and the lack of risk this will only get worse.
  2. So is the JPEG2000 uploader? The mesh uploaders physics shape generation is also proprietary.
  3. They were meant to do that in 2007 with the whole open letter situation...
  4. Simplygon is part of the Unreal engine toolkit and produces accurate LODs automatically. How practical to add it is hard to say as I think you need to do some prep work on your models but anything that improves the auto LODs could save a lot of time and help out mesh amateurs. http://www.simplygon.com/product_info_introduction.asp?lang=sv Simplygon uses proprietary mesh reduction, which keeps all the geometrical LOD attributes, and also guarantees the visual quality of LOD switching by respecting all critical features. In addition to geometry reduction, material LODs can be automatically created through re-calclation of new UVs and baking of new maps. They also have an interesting sounding optimiser. Something for sim wide builds but I don't know how it could be implemented. A unique revolutionary technology, Proxy LODs are made by generating a proxy mesh (re-meshing) and a new set of textures (proxy maps), that resemble a copy of the base model. In large scenes ProxyLODs can replace large groups of static objects, containing many materials and meshes, thereby significantly reducing the number of draw calls and triangle counts. This technology can also be used for creating low-poly models from game as well as non-game data types such as 3D scan and 3D CAD data.
  5. 27 control events when stationary. 44~ control events when moving (looks like one per frame).
  6. I am looking for a weapon animator for Breach. This involves a mix of full motion animation and static poses such as walks, reloads, aims, firing etc. Each weapon requires between 12-24 animations. We make high quality content ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BREACH-M107-Sniper-Rifle-Mesh/2676118 ) and would expect good quality animations, we are prepared to pay several hundred US dollars for good quality animations, pay depending on the size of the job. We pay on completion. Contact me with example animations.
  7. For the second time I have seen a sim that had no budget for llCastRay for an extended period (hours) and would constantly return -3 (RCERR_CAST_TIME_EXCEEDED). In this case it denied even the simplest llCastRay call from attachments, unattached objects worked fine. I was on a 32k size parcel but the other parels also had no budget for agents. The sim did have a high script time (19ms) but with only three people in the sim and likely to have no agent based llCastRay calls going on I am not sure why the agent pool is totally empty but the parcel pool can still ray cast. I have gone back to check it around 12 hours after it was struggling and the region has similar performance to when it had problems but now it completes attachment llCastRays, 22.2ms frames with 19~ms of script time and 0.001ms spare time with three agents in the sim.
  8. What you are describing here is a problem standard to all content and not just mesh. There are no unit costs or even listing fees so a product can be given away if wanted without making a loss. A developer program and some level of listing fees would counter marketplace "spam" but have some negative implications.
  9. Found the new listing it created has the old reviews and details so I can just list that and delete the old one. One of my listings is still stuck though, the new one hasn't copied the info
  10. I version number my boxes as they change regularly but I am struggling to get the marketplace to deal with them. When I add the new version number, it instantly creates a new inventory item and then I can't edit the old listing, it only offers me a "Delete" option for it. Removing the object, syncing and deleting the new one doesn't help, it just comes back.
  11. Faust Vollmar pointed out there was PRIM_POS_LOCAL and PRIM_ROT_LOCAL, so I could put my local values straight into them, problem solved!
  12. I am trying to do scripted setup of furniture animations using an unlinked prim you sit on for positioning/rotation and then the animations will be recreated in the furniture by using llSetPrimitiveParams, so no poseballs are required. From the unlinked prim I avatar pos/rot using llGetPrimitiveParams on the avatar's link number, the problem I am having is getting the recreated position to reflect the rotation of the furniture, if it isn't at zero rotation it puts the positions and rots in the wrong place. I thought it might be take off the llGetPos from the avatar value to make it local, then multiply by llGetRot() but that doesn't produce a correct position.
  13. I would like to see something about models from games. I saw World Of Warcraft, Mass Effect and some other models on the beta grid. "Michelle was sent a Blender file from her friend. She recognises the model from a popular video game. Her friend tells her it is ok to upload so long as they don't sell it."
  14. Won't low spec intergrated graphics users be on 64M draw distance, negating most of the LOD issue. Unless you mean you are aiming for a 64k scene for these users...
  15. A 1400 vert mesh with a prim equivalency of 5 at 3M in scale becomes gets a PE of 56 at max size, a ten times increase. I don't know if tweaks to LOD or physics (I think both were on automatic defaults) might have brought that down but large meshes appear to be very heavily penalized.
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