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  1. Rather than using a facelight to enhance appearance of AVs, yours and others included, why not opt out of using the annoying facelight and instead add a "Sexy" lighting option. It's easy and then everyone looks great! Try the easy step by step below and enjoy! 1) Navigate on your toolbar to World > Environment Settings > Environment Editor and click on "Advanced Sky" and then “New” and save under a filename you remember, for example Sexy 2) On the Atmosphere Tab, update the settings as follow: Blue Horizon: R: 0.12, G: 0.12, B: 0.16, I: 0.16 Haze Horizon: 0.09 Blue Density: R: 0.32, G: 0.59, B: 1.00, I: 1:00 Haze Density: 0.65 Density Multiplier: 0.18 Distance Multiplier: 2.0 Max Altitude: 188 3) On the Lighting Tab update the settings to: Sun/Moon Color: R, G, B and I at 0.86 Sun/Moon Position: 0.000 Ambient: R:0.67, G:0.64, B:0.63, I:0.67 East Angle: 0.16 Sun Glow: Focus: 0.10 Size 1.75 Scene Gamma: 1.15 Star Brightness: 0.00 4) On the Clouds Tab, update the settings to: Cloud Coverage: 0.13 5) Now click the "Save" button, and you're done! Each time you relog or go to a new region, you'll need to open up the environment editor and select this new setting.
  2. Velren, LL takes age play VERY seriously and bottom line is, there's no harm in filing a TOS report. If LL determines that the person is alright based upon the fairy claim, that's their call. I'd certainly report it to keep my own conscience clear.
  3. Redgrave has one that is a bit more mature looking, has some forehead and eye wrinkles. However, it's still muscular. Might be worth your checking it out though. Good luck!
  4. Gabriel, I have a friend who really enjoys the femdom SIM of Velvet Thorn. I've not been, but that may be a place for you to begin your search. Also, have you tried searching "femdom" under places or "domme"? That might point you in some additional direction.
  5. Welcome to SL, Ristarra. The links above may provide a great resource for you. In addition, if you have any specific questions, many residents, including myself, are more than happy to help if you just send an IM. Have fun!
  6. Innula, here we are some months later and the mystery solved. You were correct, it was a pathfinding issue. LL had changed our sim to PF without any discussion. Once they reverted it back, everything righted itself.
  7. Perrie...LOL How many times have we (as SL residents) wished we could derender, mute, or ban someone in RL? Also...am I the only one who at times wishes I could find my camera controls in RL so that I could get a better view of something without having to move myself? Or, looking at something else online, you get that same urge to change your perspective fo whatever it is?
  8. We have that same issue of positive or nothing being shepherded by some at LL as well when it comes to product reviews. I recently purchased an item that was really bad. I left a professional though negative review and was contacted inworld by the seller who told me that she has friends at LL who will remove a negative review. They did so. Internet commerce or not, a consumer has a right to have their voice, positive or negative heard. Any other use of a "feedback system" leads to misrepresentation and fraud.
  9. Hello Konnor and welcome to SL! When you have some time to window shop, you might log into Marketplace and do a search there for various items you need, setting the return criteria to show in price lowest to highest. There are some fabulous artists who offer free clothing and such to market their brand. I've found some really high quality items this way!
  10. No, didn't move it either. With the few pieces that have gone off, they were working fine one day, the next....hosed. Never seen anything like this.
  11. Wish that had helped but sadly, no. I had run through the animations a few times hoping that it would right itself, to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  12. The furniture itself is scripted and no poseballs are rezzed. I'm also surprised that resetting the scripts didn't resolve the issue. Also interesting is that the position is fine, just the rotation is off. None of the malfunctioning pieces have been linked to any other items, they are as they were in the original state, no adjustments whatsoever. Yes, I've contacted one of the builders. Will be interesting to see what his response is. Stay tuned. LOL
  13. We've had recent issues with furniture by different makers suddenly have the animation rotation off from what it should be. For instance, an animation that previously had you laying on a sofa with your legs over the arm of it is now, your legs sticking out the back of the sofa. When this happens, I've tried resetting scripts but that doesn't resolve it. Curious enough, even though the ability to reposition the rotation is built into the objects, it no longer functions. Any suggestions?
  14. I've set my privacy settings so that only friends can see certain information related to my profile. However, someone unwelcome has elected to use the new "follow" option. Is there a way to get them off of your "following you" list?
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