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  1. Rhetoric and drama never help anyone. A simple sl wiki search would have disproved all the claims others have maid. No one is out to get you or give anyone unfair advantages over you in a transparent system.
  2. Sales are good and beta viewer 2.5 is great, except for the sidebars. The sidebars suck. The rest are just statistics and worth little.
  3. I went skating there with a friend last weekend and we had a blast! The ski jump is a hoot! low lag when I was there to make it that much better What I am waiting for is my chance to paste a Linden with a snowball! yeah Lindens look out!
  4. I agree completely. This only seems like a cost cutting measure on the face of it.
  5. display names is like voice. Who cares? seriously. I can see alot of improvement in viewer 2 and it makes me happy but what is with the push for an idea like display names? That is the worst idea since voice. I still know not a single person who uses voice on a regular basis. Display names I just dont get. Why would we need two names? There are no duplicates allowed so it is completely useless. Keep up the good work on viewer 2 but trash this nonsense.
  6. Pedophelia is so rampant I am frequently shocked when I see the news. Priests, school officials and also politicians are so frequently pedos, and they are the pillars of society,.What is to stop them and those with less to hide here when the access is easy and trust is so easy to come by. Trolling has a whole new meaning now. I would not allow my daughters to access SL at all until they were 18 and only then with alot of care and watching over their shoulders, all because of how I see women treated in sl by random strangers. Do any of you want your teens to hear "make sex on me?" as I
  7. What would help the most is the courtesy of an email to tell you that your account has been disabled and what needs to be done to resolve the issue. To just shut off accounts with no warning is poor business and a total lack of concern for ones customers. LL is the only company I know of that is so rude and harsh to its customers with no warning. Who likes feeling like they are living under someones thumb. Glad you worked it out! Persistence is usually the key.
  8. if you have mod perms you could just link it all together.
  9. If you have not already I would try to find a group for emerald inworld, im or email the source of the emerald client. I seriously doubt you will find any help in these forums. You could try making sure all your drivers are the absolute latest versions. Then try earlier versions that you know worked. Video is the main culprit normally. If Emerald ever worked correctly look at what you have changed since then. If you havent changed anything it is possibly the client, your not the only one having this problem.
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