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  1. Ahh ok. I thought EEP might be part of it. I just read briefly about it, but maybe it was an old thread and seemed like it was tested only on a few regions. I'll give that a try then!! Good to know I'm not crazy or screwed up something solely on my end! I'll see if it changes how the Windlight appears. I was reading about importing just now.
  2. Hello! I hope I am putting this in the right category. I have managed the same region for quite some time now (about 3 years) and I have not had this problem until very recently. I created a day cycle and attempted to assign it to the Region/Estate level. It looks correct in the preview when selected in the drop down menu. Once I click "Apply," I see the settings have changed, but it seems the haze or fog or distance multipliers are completely gone. So while the lighting is right, the depth is not there. It was the same case when I applied just one of my custom skies to the "Fixed Sky" portion. Looks correct in the preview once selected in drop down menu. Click "Apply," and the fogginess is gone. I thought maybe it wasn't taking well to my custom skies so I tried it with one of the defaults found in every SL viewer. I tried Blizzard and Foggy. Same deal. I even tried to do this in the most updated SL viewer. The problem still persists. I've been trying to look around if this issue has been reported or talked about recently, but maybe it's something on my end alone? What am I doing wrong? Thanks folks!
  3. I already did. I also had asked my landlord again, but he hasn't been on to tell me. I did send in a ticket soon after I started this thread and the response was that it is considered private information (which I can understand). I've cleaned up now, so it is what it is. I'll miss the ol' place.
  4. Yeah, I have asked my SIM owner to find out soon after I got his notification, but he has been offline since then. I guess I'll leave him a second message to say where he can check to find out, though, hoping I don't come off pushy.
  5. Hello! From what I've been able to gather from the knowledge base, it appears that private region owners have their personal "payment due date" based on when they did their first payment so it is not the same for everyone. Some people may pay their SIM maintenance fees on the 9th of every month, others maybe on the 15th. I got notification from my SIM owner that the region I currently live on and act as Estate Manager for will go down soon. My SIM owner was not sure of the exact date. He notified me it may be between 2 weeks to 30 days. I appreciate the notice from my SIM owner as 2 weeks is enough time, but is there a way for me to find out the exact date? I thought to send in a support ticket for "Land & Region" but the sub topic I would list it under... none of them fit exactly. The closest one would be "Report an offline region," but that's not the case (yet). I don't want to send in a support ticket that more or less appears like spam. I have asked my SIM owner if he can find out, but I understand that he doesn't get much of a chance to be at a computer these days, so I am wondering if there is a way for me to find out on my own, even though I am just an estate manager and resident in this SIM. Any advice or direction is helpful! Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the replies, folks. Also thank you very much for the link to the JIRA thread! I am glad it turned out to not be something intentionally malicious.
  7. Hello everybody! Recently, inworld, I was looking in my list of groups, and saw the tiny preview of one of my group's insignia not looking familiar. Upon further inspection, I opened the group window and saw the insignia had CHANGED?! It somehow changed to Whore Couture's logo (it's red and black). I have no affiliation with that event/clothes group and do not own the texture and have never changed my group's texture ever. I looked around who else has the "change group insignia" ability in the group, but they are all my trusted friends. I asked each and every one of them if they had any information about it, but no one had touched the group insignia. For some it wouldn't rez and it would remain gray. I thought maybe someone was trolling us and had left the group to cover their tracks, so there wasn't much else I could do but just change it back. I left it at that and didn't think more about it. That was Saturday or so. Today (Monday), I log in, and see that two more of my groups that I happen to be in, that their texture has changed, too??? HOW? And it's the SAME texture (the Whore Couture logo). I am starting to wonder if it is just.. client sided somehow? But when I shared the secondlife website link to the group profile to my friends, they saw the same image as I was seeing as well. I tried to find the common link between the three groups, and the only common member between all three is myself, but my account is not in jeopardy at all. I have owner rights in all three groups, but this hasn't happened to all groups I am owner of as their images have remained intact, so I don't think it is "me." I don't understand how the group insignia could have changed randomly. Someone has to click "Save" to save the changes. Or how is it possible the group picture is sourcing from the wrong picture? I've cleared my cache, done clean install, but the picture is there and on SL's website when searching groups. How is this possible? Anyone else seen something like this? I do not understand how this specific texture is perpetuating itself in groups like this. I even checked the uploader of the texture, but the avatar it links back to seems to be a legitimate account with a business and presence in SL.
  8. EDIT: I have done a clean install prior to asking this, but unfortunately things did not change. :( Also, my friend who is the SIM owner of both areas is experiencing the same problem as I am (she can't edit my prims in the SIM she didn't teleport into first). I suppose I'll have to put a ticket of some sort in. Earlier we had requested to have both SIMs to be on the same server (cause you know how sometimes when you change/cross between regions, you get a little pop up that says that you've not entered a SIM that is running on a different one than the one you were just previously in). We thought that may have been contributing to the issue, but that hasn't changed it either. Also, which region settings should I look out for that may be correct or not? I have estate rights, too. I'll take a look see if anything looks... amiss. I'll try to create the same situation in a completely different region to test, too. Recently, my friend has joined [EDIT: Oops, what I mean is that the two SIMs are now placed side by side so you can walk/fly between the them] two of her regions together. Our area is now 2 SIMs wide. I have edit rights to her objects as well as several others. Before joining, if I teleported between the two regions, I had no problem with being able to edit the objects of those who had given me rights. Now, with the regions joined (and it's been about 5 days now), depending on which region I've teleported into first, I will only be able to edit the objects in the region I showed up in first. When I walk into the neighboring region, I cannot edit any objects that are not mine. I still am only limited to being allowed to edit the objects that are in the region I originally showed up in first, even when I am not standing in the same SIM as them. I am able to edit any object that is mine in both regions, but when it comes to my friends' objects, I am only able to edit them in the region in which I showed up in first for that logged in session. Even when I teleport out to a completely different SIM that is not connected and teleport back into either one of the two, I am still limited to editing only the objects that are in the first region I had set foot in first for that logged in period. The only solution right now is that I must log out, and log back into the region that has the objects I need to edit. Then I log out and in again into the other region if I have to move or edit objects there. I have checked many times if it is my "Edit my Objects Only" is ticked, but it is not at all. I'm not sure if the SIM moving locations is still taking time to complete 100%? It's been about 5 days since the move. I am not sure what the problem is because when I had neighboring regions before, I was able to edit the objects from the next SIM over, I didn't have to be in the same SIM in order to have those position crosshairs come up or edit colors and textures for MOD items that were my friends I had rights to. If this is just how things are, then please let me know, or if it's just going to take more time and perhaps I've just been hasty. Either way, I am a bit puzzled! Thank you for reading and your help. Yasyn
  9. EDIT Sept 9, 2014: Hi, thank you for your reply, but I do not think my account qualifies for the Concierge Support. I am just the estate manager, but I do not own the SIM, it is through my SIM owner (and unfortunately he does not come online very often). I have thought about sending a ticket under the "Land & Region" category, but there doesn't seem to be a suitable sub-category for me to choose from if I were to do that. I am not sure which part of support I should turn to in that case? Hello folks. I own a small place in SL that is supposed to be open to the public at all times. It is a cafe and a small shop. I am an estate manager at the same time, but the SIM itself I am renting from somebody else and it is only the two of us who are managers at the region level. Twice now, there have been times where I find out from a patron of my cafe tell me that they cannot access the region. Both times the cause is that the "Allow Public Access" at the REGION LEVEL has been UNTICKED. The first time this happened, I asked the land owner if maybe he intentionally did it (and just hasn't told me yet) or did he accidentally do it? He told me he had no idea and never did anything like that. It is weird because you actually have to click the button "Apply" in order for changes to take effect. Today it has happened the second time. I have not asked my land owner if he did it, but is there any chance that when regions under go restarts or SOMETHING during maintenance (I have no idea), does the region become no longer "Allow Public Access" from a mishap?? This is frustrating, though it's only happened twice now and I can technically "fix" it, but I am afraid there may be times I am gone for a long period and the region becomes closed and then I don't hear about it until much later. I do not know if this is part of a larger issue. Has anyone else experienced the same? Thanks for your help.
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