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  1. thanks to all who have answered ... i still don't get the big fuss about linking SL to FB when FB is doing this to people creating accounts on FB for their SL avatars, but i will take into consideration the alternatives you provided.
  2. Thanks going to try using my MOOLTO account for what i wanted to use the FB account
  3. Hello! I used to be able to create an account on Facebook for an SL avatar using their SL name but today when i tried to create one for myself i got an error: "Our automated system will not approve this name. If you believe this is an error, please contact us." Anyone knows why? and how or if it is still possible to create Facebook Accounts for SL avatars? i think it's a shame that FB decided to do this tho..considering the amount of totally freeeeeeee advertisement Linden Labs is providing for them thru the "Facebook integration" in the Viewer 2. Thanks. P.S. : FB help center didn't specified a reason why my name got rejected by their system so....i tried asking on their end... ETA: Nvmnd....i just stumbled upon a blog...pff ..see for yourself ( and i sooo wish some of the Lindens would see this too and start looking for another social network besides facebook that will allow avatar accounts ): http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/facebook-now-removing-sl-fb-accounts/
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