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  1. I have tried voice with v2, Dolphin 2, Kirsten's and RLV. The voice is garbled and/or sped up on v2, Kirsten's, and Dolphin 2. It won't work at all on RLV despite not throwing an error that it can't connect. It works with v1 viewers, but I would prefer not to use them as I can't wear everything I want to with them. This has only happened since the last v2 update. I'm running the newest versions of all four on Windows 7. Updated: @Knowl: I tried that before (the Voice Canyon place), and I couldn't hear myself at all. However, I can hear other people other places partially. And no matter how laggy a place has ever been, I've still never had this problem before. Updated: @Silky: Phoenix doesn't allow wearing multiple tattoo layers on the same area, it seems. That means that I'll be stuck choosing between my freckles, my beauty mark, and my eyeshadow, lipstick, and lip gloss. Honestly, I don't use voice often enough to pick voice over the appearance I worked so hard on, but I would like to figure out what's going wrong so voice AND looking good are possible simultaneously...lol. Tried Firestorm, instead of hearing something (like with v2, Kirsten's and Dolphin 2), I heard absolutely nothing.
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