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  1. Don't worry about being trapped by RLV. If a Master/Mistress restricts you, and you don't like it. Then open up your preferences and uncheck the box that says Restrained Love Viewer. Then Log out. Then Log back in. On your chat line type the intials of your name and the word runaway. Then teleport back home and away from the idiot that restricted you. My name is Jolene Wingtips so I would type on the chat line, not in the IM box the following command /1jwrunaway, or jwrunaway. once you type the runaway command, all owner are removed from your collar. Also when adding a Master/Mistress to your collar, always add them as a second owner, that way you always retain full control over your collar. then at anytime if your locked to a bed or some other device, just open your collar menu and turn off the RLV inside the menu. Then stand up and walk away. You should also set the RELAY in your collar to have a safeword, by typing the (((SAFEWORD))), in most cases you can get free, sometimes you will need to type that command three times. don't over think this command, it's not some other word like (((escape))) you must type it just as I have shown you here (((SAFEWORD))) Also very important don't set your collar relay to be open for anyone to grab you. Unless your like me, and love the adventure of being grabbed, and teleported and trapped. I can always get out of the situation, as I have already explained. Turn on the RLV and have some fun
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