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  1. I've got an idea: How about when LL writes these blog posts or answers a comment from one of the posters here you guys use words and phrases that normal people employ rather than Frank Luntz style euphemisms that are meant to not just keep people in the dark about what is actually going on, but to passive aggressively fend off their complainst and concerns without having to actually do anything about them. So when there was a problem with the customer service line or chat how about instead of referring to the issue as "challenges" (which is the same kind of intellectual dishonesty that calls tv reruns "encore performances," used cars "pre-owned") and the other business buzzspeak that this blog entry was splattered with, how about you actually tell us what's going on? Or is being straight with your customers too much to ask? Continuing to stonewall your customers the way I outlined above only promotes suspicion and resentment. Therefore, the best thing you can do at this juncture is to start being frank and taking personal responsiblity for your failures. Or, again, am I expecting too much?
  2. Those repeat login numbers aren't very encouraging. Aside from looking flat (and considering the state of the economy in RL where people have less money to do things, SL should have seen more people logging on just to kill time, if anything else), what it doesn't say is how many of those were users who got logged out suddenly and just logged back in, had virtual memory problems and had to reboot, their connection went dead for a bit or whatever else. 800,000 repeat logins in a month only equates to 27,000 repeat logins a day and that is being very generous on the estimate side. That sounds to me like big trouble brewing, especially given SL's age, that is, long in the tooth enough to concurrentl logins should be routinely eclipsing 500,000 at any given time. Today, the high I noticed as a touch over 70,000, the high I have seen all week, the last high I noted being around 62,000. However, YMMV. Anytime one is merely treading water one becomes more and more fatigued as time passes and eventually that will result in a drowning. The question is, then, just how tired is SL from a marketing, public relations and customer retention standpoint? It looks very fatigued indeed. Somebody also mentioned moving ALL the commercial SL business into one centralized space is going to drive down traffic numbers for sim owners who will have had shops on their property. There will also be less rent collected by landowners and less impulse purchasing. One of the pleasures of SL is just wandering around shopping or looking at the stuff merchants have created even if you aren't going to buy right then. But I guess that's going by the wayside now and it will reduce the time many spend in world. I would also suggest that LL, in order to increase its credibility from the tech press as well as its users, finally dump all those millions of unused accounts and get them off their asset servers and stop using them to try to create a bandwagon effect that has never materialized. Stop with the usual corporate bunker mentality and be rational, honest human beings, okay? Or is that too much to ask?
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