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  1. I believe Steller is still active. And she will pay you 500L if you are able to climb her beanstalk (one of the first objects created in SL) successfully. Its very hard to do though, never seen anyone manage it. Its in:- Welsh (31, 82, 21) - General´╗┐
  2. Who can say if the OP was behind it but its all over Twitter that Amanda Linden left LL at the week end (confirmed by Lexie)....together with Courtney. Courtney would appear to have been the scapegoat of the SL8 logo fiasco but no idea about Amanda... Wonder if this comment will be pulled... Edited to add link.... http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/courtney-linden-and-amanda-linden-leaves-linden-lab/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Storm, you just surpassed yourself! Brilliant stuff and as there can be no doubt that your date with Lexie is inevitable (how could she resist)...am very much looking forward reading all about it after the week end.:smileytongue:
  4. Hi Carole...hope you are well. Lots seem to have gone to SLU, which seems to feel a bit like the old forums. These new forums seemed so moderated that it feels like the "Ministry of Truth." I can see why...but miss the cut and thrust and banter of the old forums. Still..."change is good!"
  5. I was wondering if there is anyone that is taking advantage of Redzone to scam IP addresses/etc from their customers without telling them? Oh yeah....that would be you. I dont even know how you have the front to show your face you lying deceiving scam artist. You're worse than the upfront Redzone owners...you lied and said you had removed it when you had just hidden it....a coward as well as a scammer.
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