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  1. Two things with the web profile information: 1. It would be great if you returned the option to add a pic from Inventory to your profile, maybe even click & drag. Not easy I know, but it was before you went this route. (And of course, you made this change right AFTER I took new snaps for my profile that I hadn't put into it yet. Argh. Murphy's Law. And yes, it is all about me). 2. I REALLY don't like your attempt to link this and encouraging such with Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts. Seems akin to violation of your own terms of service with not exposing the true identities of in-world residents. Plus, Facebook addy's are technically supposed to be a real person, not an Avatar (unless you do a group or Page). Still, seems to counter the whole philosophy of what you originally set up and stood for. I know, times change and I'm cool with change. It's just that the best changes make sense. And these two just don't to me.
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