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  1. I am very happy to hear, that Linden Lab heard our voices and that there will not be any changes on group limits for basic members. Thank you LL!
  2. It was 25 groups when I joined end of 2008.
  3. 35 groups for basic members are very fast filled. If you are a dj/host/store owner. I won´t be able to have more dj or hosting jobs, or I need to choose to leave all shop groups even the ones with 500 or more L$ fees. So the people, whom mentioned here, that its not a good idea to do it, are pretty right. Did the ppl from LL ever overthink, that some people have jobs or stores in SL? And the money they make out of that, they spend on the grid, plus the uploaded money. I am not happy with this and to go premium.... I see no advantage in this. I have a home, so dont need any Linden home. The only thing would be the 70 groups thing. But really no. I think soon is the day to come, when they ban basics completely. It feels like. (Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native)
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