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  1. Thanks Fredrik, YouTube support in profiles is a welcome feature. Videos are a very effective way to show what people can do with Second Life! (or to document a new bug, as shown below) And now I'll quote myself "Sure.. there are a couple of poeple in these forums that will take anything you throw at them and say "Thank you, sir, may I have another""
  2. Are you serious? Really.. Are you serious?? People are NOT wanting this Web Profile crap... you're NOT LISTENING!! For God's Sakes man, open your eyes.. NO ONE WANTS THIS CRAP!!! Sure.. there are a couple of poeple in these forums that will take anything you throw at them and say "Thank you, sir, may I have another".. But the VAST MAJORITY.. are saying NO!!!.. God you people make me so ANGRY!!
  3. Here Here!! Add me to that list.. I agree wholeheartedly!
  4. Actually the sidebar is still crap for most stuff. Thankfully Firestorm will have the OPTION to turn it off! Hehe.. even better.. the option is to turn it ON.. the defaut is OFF.. or GONE
  5. Firestorm (in its vast baby newness) is MILES ahead of 2.5. I can only imagine how uberawsomesauce Firestorm will be once its ready for release!! I can't wait for it!!
  6. I've said this in the past.... It's like they want to drive everyone away from SL. If this is their goal.. keep it up.. Good Job!!
  7. No.. those widgets are forced on us.. I do not Tweet, I do not FB.. I want those things GONE!!!!
  8. I'll stick with Phoenix, thanks - until such time they have Firestorm mainstream... LL viewers are worse than they ever have been, and getting worse by the releases... shame.... LL should finally take their heads out of their asses, and realize that the TPV's are a better product. Give all viewer programming to them, and focus on fixing the broken state SL is (and has been for quite some time).
  9. As much as I despise the web profiles, I will say that the notes section is still there. I have seen them. Of course you have to be logged in to see them.
  10. I want an option not to have those foolish Facebook and Twitter things on my profile. I want an option not to have my profile on the web period. I want an option not to view profiles on the web. I want profiles to be inworld.. where they should be.
  11. Can't you see it? SL - Facebook's next 'Farmville'
  12. I was quite content to open chat history if I needed to click on a name to access a profile, click a link, etc... Is there any way possible to make the 'scrolling chat' the way it used to be?
  13. What annoys me about the local chat.. you can't click something inworld behind it, like you used to be able to in the older versions and in the tpv's. It's real annoying when you're trying to edit something, pick up something, do anything with something when that area of your screen is covered in chat.... Just my L$2
  14. EXACTLY! The vast majority of SL users just want to come in and have fun, and don't bother 'keeping up the the latest and greatest'. These are the people that will be preyed upon by the abusers of this "feature". It just goes to show that Linden Lab has forgotten who they cater to, either that or just don't care.
  15. I installed the new Beta 2.3 on a Windows 7 64-bit computer last night and had some problems. First the Display Names option never showed up on my viewer. I did a restart and tried again but I was unable to get the Display Names option to show up. Second I took a Snap Shot and when I did it took a picture of everything on my screen. Open IMs, local chat, everything that was on my screen. Besides these two problems everything else seemed to work smoothly on Beta 2.3. End the end I went back to Viewer 2 so I could take pictures. Display names are only available in some areas, hence not being ab
  16. I find it interesting that this blog post didn't hit the "Featured Blogs" section of the Dashboard. Afraid to get another barrage of 1000 posts telling you how bad an idea v2 is? I have tried 2.2. I can't say it was a pleasant experience, but I think it's v2 as a whole, not just 2.2. It took me at least 30 minutes to change an outfit. Things would not wear, things would not come off, I was wearing three AOs at one point, but didn't know it because they were all piled one on top another on the screen. The UI is too dark.. I feel like I'm boxed in a frame, no.. a cell.. I feel like I'm imp
  17. To be honest, I don't think they have listened at all... we said DON'T DO IT... They are doing it. Sure they are making it a little different with a couple of small changes, but they're stilll doing it. I want my name to be my name, I shouldn't have to pay to keep my name. I am a Premium member, I pay for my services, I want my money to mean something to Linden Lab. If you instist on rolling this bad idea out, please listen to the suggestion of making it available only to Premium members AND charge a fee for it, and not some piddly L$25.. I mean like L$300 if not more. Premium members w
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