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  1. House usually means private. I would knock... such as in text "knock knock" anyone there?
  2. Hi, not much has happened.. so not to worry. You're really not out of the loop. However, I thought you might find this thread useful since it is other SL residents discussing the same issue only a few weeks ago.. http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=337734 The thread also has a few quotes from Babbage Linden. Hope this helps.
  3. Champagnne.John wrote: Oh Suella! That would be super if you would mention it to Pink...tell them I have had a ticket in about this for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time! Thank you so much. This should work! It might be better that you mention it since you are the one with the ticket. Pink won't bite, I promise.. unless your avatar is a carrot.. lol... since she is a Pink Bunny hehe. Just go here to her profile and click send private message.. https://blogs.secondlife.com/people/Pink.Linden Pink is friendly and responsive. Make sure to mention your ticket number too so she can update it.
  4. Siofra.Alter wrote: Here's a step-by-step to clear your cache: Start the Second Life as usual but do NOT log in. At the top left, look for the words "File", "Edit", "Help". Click Edit. Click Preferences (should be the only thing on the menu if you're not logged in) Click the tab on the left side of the dialogue box labelled "Network" Click the "Clear Cache" button. Click "Close" on the dialogue box saying "Cache will be cleared after you restart Second Life". Click the OK button Close second life (click the X button, top right corner of the viewer) Re-open second life and log i
  5. Hi devilgyrl, sorry to hear your little problem but don't fret. It's not a biggy. Just empty your cache and relog. Try going to an area with little or no lag. That should solve it.
  6. I completely agree. It's also a pity when people personally attack others in the blogs as well. What a shame. Human nature I guess. Too bad that people cannot learn to resolve differences like adults without resorting to below the belt attacks such as name calling, etc. Anyway, hopefully one day this will stop and when it does, there will be less wars and crime in the world. Until then, all we can try to do is to get along with society and ignore the ones who choose to be hostile, insensitive or rude.
  7. That's one thing I always hated about teh forums is that there was no way to mute or ignore people in the forums.. given human nature, we can't help but respond sometimes even if we know we shouldn't..
  8. No there isn't. I wish there was. I called the Concierge to ask the same exact question and spoke to Spike Linden. Hopefully Linden Lab will create that feature soon.. not only for PM's but for bloggers who you don't wish to read their posts.
  9. This is true. I know I've stored stuff away in my inventory that I still have not used. Once I did get around to using an item and it was borked. The best thing to do is for everyone to keep transaction records.
  10. Although 3D Concepts Professional Licensed Textures sells our textures full perm, the box that they come in is copy only. I do this for several reasons, one of the reasons is so that the customer can do exactly what you suggested to prove purchase if need be. To answer your question, "yes" rezzing a copy of the no transfer item should be sufficient. However, for the future, you should start saving your monthly data. There are a few SL Transaction Viewers on the market that is worth checking out. Hope this helps.
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