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  1. Can't say I agree with all your decisions Jack. I am sad to see you go. Thanks for all your hard work and devotion through the years. I wish you the best wherever you go.
  2. It's been more than 24 hours and the funds still have not been credited to my account. I called billing and the reply was "they're working on it" .. which tells me absolutely nothing at all. Please communicate with us. Tell us "something" other than "we're working on it". Thank you.
  3. You could have at least told us what time. I just cashed out this second and then it would not let me transfer USD. Why did it allow me to sell Lindens yet not allow me to transfer the funds out?
  4. Torley, visual clutter is exactly what the sidebar is. It is also damaging to the peripheral vision. I sincerely hope someone at the Lab realizes this and at least gives users the option to hide it completely. It would also be nice to resize the clunky view window.
  5. Hi Jack, thanks for the blog. On another subject.. can you please verify if it is true that you are leaving us or not? I hope not.
  6. Thanks Suezanne for sharing that blog link. It does work.. although I had no problems logging in myself.. I guess due to the reasons Maniac has stated. Anyway.. special thanks to Daniel Voyager for working out a fix for those inquisitive minds of SL.. which is mostly all of us! :-)
  7. That's so cute, lol.. "second life is getting "undressed" .. only Stroker would write this :-)
  8. What's wierd is that Gaikai's site says you must have current flash and java when they do not even have current java. Each time I do access the SL beta site, I get 3 java security error messages that their java is outdated and poses a potential security threat.. therefore I must manually approve it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21005444@N05/5186538757/ I've been reading up a bit and apparently the SL Beta is part of Gaikai's beta program which also included other applications commencing on the 17th of November. SL users are not the only ones having issues. More about others experiencing s
  9. More importantly you need update flash and java, at least according to their site. However, I and others online get java error messages.
  10. Please keep in mind this is the first of many tests to come. It is only a test run... to a concept that is barely beta. One could almost call it alpha. I still think the results are great. I'm extremely pleased. I also think the reason some were able to get through after several tries is because the video was cached so did not have to re-download which possibly gives false results of having greater bandwidth.
  11. Looks great. I love it... I live in France. My system is French Vista Family Premium. Dell...Nvidia drivers.. I did the recent Nvidia update at the end of October last month.. just basically an average PC, nothing special. I use Orange ADSL for Internet... unlimited bandwidth.. fast access. I had trouble with IE and Firefox but with Chrome it worked great each time. One landing point did not rez the hair, I think that was some Eyptian looking place. But it had a lot of avatars there constantly coming and going. Other than that one place and issue with hair, everything else rezzed
  12. I have 5 images posted in my first comment.. and as you can plainly see that I am in beta..and I live in France.... was all over mainland, too. I went to the Linden Chalet and then took off flying from there. It was a ton of fun. I think this is a positive step in the right direction for SL. I cannot wait for further development of the web browser. I think it will attract an entire new user generation to SL. I like the fact that it has a button for full access.. makes a nice teaser. Let's see more destinations and more access to mainland. Allow teleports too...allow voice..allow shoppi
  13. No Wallace that can't be true because I live in France and have no problems testing it.
  14. At first I saw a bunch of mega sized ugly triangles.. mostly black and grey. I crashed a lot. Major Lag. After I maxed my graphics began to see some cool stuff.. like this model by Timmi Allen. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21005444@N05/5079568839/
  15. Thanks Nelson for the updates.. always nice to have advanced notice. What would be really great is if everyone could purchase Homesteads. You mention Customer Support.. which support is that? Phone, live chat or ticket? Who will be handling it? Do you know when or if Concierge will be answering phones again? Thank you.
  16. I also don't like the view.. it's too big and bulky.
  17. Just tried it out.. yes it is an improvement but would like to be able to completely close the sidebar. It is an annoying distraction to my peripheral view.
  18. I might actually try this one simply because the sidebar can be undocked.. it's one of the main reasons I hate 2.0 and don't use it... of course not the only reason. Thanks!
  19. Sounds promising Jack.. I look forward to the proposed changes with anticipation.. thanks!
  20. Thanks everyone. Nothing works. I guess it is a bug like Darius said or LL simply wants to take our items hostage. I have no plans to use the new marketplace until they fix search on it, amongst a few other things too.
  21. Thank you very much. .. but even when I recync I'm not able to delete the items like we can on xstreetsl.
  22. How do you delete items on the new SL Marketplace?  Does anyone know?  Thank you.
  23. Bonjour Kim.. it's great to have you! Wow from Blizzard eh? How lucky are we. Very impressive. I always said that what Linden Lab needed were professionals from the gaming industry. Even though SL is not an MMO, it is still a gaming environment... yes also a 3D platform in which there are multiple opportunities. I don't think you're an Anne Sullivan type but I'm sure we can expect amazing things from you. I'm optimistic about what you will bring to the table. Cheers and welcome aboard!
  24. I do not speak Spanish, however wanted to expound that just because one may have acquired textures free with full perms does not necessarily mean that those textures are legitmate. Sometimes textures have been uploaded into Second Life illegally. They are pirated textures, which means that you have no right to them. I would strongly advise to not sell or use textures that you did not 100% make unless you know for a fact, beyond a shadow of doubt the "creator" (as in uploader) is actually the lawful copyright owner or agent, otherwise you risk receiving a DMCA take down notice from the legal
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