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  1. Yeah maybe not in Zindra, also Linden village is on Sansara. But laying all that aside, Sansara, and the atoll was heavily abandoned just a year ago, and yes even water frontage. This is what i refer to.
  2. Only recently with the rise of the GTFO game has many of the roadside parcels as well as even some water frontage been claimed. These parcels have sat abandoned for months and years in some cases. Don't get me wrong, i am more than happy to see people returning to the mainland, but, even with all this happening, we are still a small minority.
  3. Sure someone has brought this up already,. But, would it be possible for LL to just move the continents closer together, to accomplish connecting all the sims? I'm not sure if that's possible how much that would cost. But, surely it would save them money on placing rarely used OS sims, because as much as i wish we were larger, the sailing/flying/driving/train community, is just not that large. Most SL people like to have a little home somewhere, go to a club, shopping, exploring, and every now and then they wonder into a sailing place, or an airport, ect. Before 2014, I wasn't aware sim crossing in vehicles was all that good really, I used to drive cars, or try to back in 2008, as well as a boat once. So for years i dismissed the idea of doing any of these things. Dare i say, the way i was before 2014 represents the majority of Second Life users. So LL would have to really see a benefit to people like I was before 2014, or it wont happen. Many people think, that LL is out of touch with their customer base, and I disagree! Majority of Second Life residents want a little world of their own, and not many bother with vehicles at all. this is why when you look at the world map, you see all those private sims out there, that someone is paying for. Maybe if LL improved how vehicles and AVies can cross sims, than yeah, maybe more of the general population would jump on board. Also many land barons will fight this, for many reasons in some cases it will ruin their business. Look at this pic of the map below, all those dots, are private sims someone is constantly paying for. This proves my point, most people want a private little space of their own, and don't worry about moving from continent to continent.
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