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  1. Hi Ebbe, Allot of people i talk to in sl about Project Sansar always tell me this: ''I dont want to loose my Inventory!'' Some even tell me that if the inventory will not go to the new world (when supposedly sl will stop and Sansar will go on only) that they will feel robbed of their spended money on items some even go as far as telling me that they will start a lawsuite over it. So what is your responce to those people? Thankyou Ebbe
  2. It has nothing to do about that my avatar is me and to get rid of it is like killing part of me
  3. They did say also its not backwards compatible initialy with sl so i am hoping they do let some things compatible like this: 1. Me - that means my avatar as it is my shape my skin hairs eyes etc and my name if they cant do that then to me thats like killing a part of me and the persona i play. 2. Being able to transfer Base builds that means the core structure of a build to rebuild it in the new world. i hope they can and will do this i wont really go to the new world no matter how nice it is unless they can save my avatar and and name that is me.
  4. Hello Linden Lab, Ive always wanted to be on the sl website background picture as many tell me you look great so how can my avatar be as a background pic on the sl website? thankyou Sue Windstorm
  5. from what i read you do have a old graphics card so it would always be better to upgrade that whether it works for you or not. I cant tell if it is going to work its up to you what you want. but yeah its better to get a new pc
  6. Could you always go to adult sims before? if so did you log in to the sl website to see if it does ask you if your an adult? by filling in that small thing it will ask you if this person is you and if the birthdate is correct. Once done that you should be able to go in adult places again.
  7. Everytime i surf to the sl website i see these wonderful avis photographed at a place. I want that for my avi to as everyone says my avi is unique looking so i want more for my avi so it be known more. If there is a way please let me know thankyou
  8. can my avi be on the sl website to? i mean the background pictures would love it if my avi could be on it to
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