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  1. I've used the Tantra and the Mama Allpa and I really can't understand your statement that "As soon as you "open your HuD to a male partner" it's almost garenteed if you are trying to get pregnant that you WILL get pregnant. There is no randomness to this hud. It's not like you try and there is a chance of pregnancy..." - that is simply not the case. I've gone through multiple pregnancy and multiple attempts with different fathers and found that the MA does a pretty realistic job of making the experience closer to real life odds.. - i've had as many as 5 different men "open" me in a single cycle without getting pregnant (and no; i wasn't on the pill...) - also; the MA hud allows for a lot more variety in the definitions for my character.. if i want to play a human only the Tantra might be fine but the MA gives me a lot more flexibility; especially if i am not playing a human character and even as a human character the MA has a lot more flexibilty; such as the option to change the rl/sl conversion rate ; free maternity care; test delivery options; the weekly notecards of your current condion etc. The Tantra isn't even close to having this flexibility. The Mama Allpa Support group has always been very helpful whenever I had a question - I am not aware of anything like that with the Tantra.
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