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  1. As an FYI, when an item is bought in Second Life, you are buying a license to use a digital asset according to the end user license that the creator determines, you're not buying an actual item. In SL, the permissions system is a short hand way of communicating that end user license. So if an item is set to modify, then yes, you've got the creator's agreement to alter the item. Same for copy and transfer. When it is set to no modify, that end user license means just what it says - no modify. If the system is circumvented (ripping textures or other assets), then the creator can issue a take dow
  2. To me, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-216137? is essential at the launch of this new feature, not as an add-on at a later date. Here's an example why: Let's say I have an applier HUD with 30 Shirts on it. Top and bottom. With the way that appliers work, that means I can use the applier on tattoo/bra/top & tattoo/undies/pants layer at my discretion. And, the long sleeves extend onto the hands and can double as a glove layer if wanted. So to convert that back to system layers, the creator would have to make 30 Shirts, 30 Pants, 30 Undershirts, 30 Underpants, 30 gloves - and rena
  3. Take a look at this thread and Dakota Linden's response: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/408154-marketplace-practices-legal/
  4. I would consider it Anti-competitive behavior (my opinion). The MP Guidelines don't mention it specifically, so pointing attention and resolving it may require submitting a Support Ticket. Here's the section from the MP Guidelines - the emphasis is mine: Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to:inflating prices on the SL Marketplace, in comparison to in-world or other e-commerce sites, posting hostile or false reviews or comments on a competing merchant's items, posting reviews that encourage users to buy competitor products, or visit in world locati
  5. It might be that the item is more of a tube top than a classic blouse, and so, should go into the Women's Tops -> Women's Tube Tops section rather than Women's Blouses. Edited: When the phrase "Moon Elixir - Coven - 15 - Maitreya - Shirt - White" is searched, there are 9 results. 7 are for the white blouse, 1 is for a full set, and 1 (yours) is for the Shirt, but shows a picture for a Scythia gacha. The only thing on that gacha picture that is close to a blouse is a bandeau top. Maybe it's just that the listing has the wrong picture? If it is the same white blouse that the other resel
  6. It's not you, the new HUD is buggy. Amethyst is correct about repositioning it - it is off screen and flipped upside down when initially attached. So reorienting it is necessary - rotating it and repositioning. However, the bugginess continues...when you click to hide the hands, it also hides the neck fix. Then you have to go further into the HUD to reapply the neck fix. When you log out and back in, the HUD doesn't work properly - it shows areas hidden that aren't - it has to be detatched and then reattached. The new features really are great, and I'm sure that the creator will fix this
  7. I have to say I agree with you, polysail, with regard to the potential impact of this new beta if it were to go live - it could actually be detrimental to current businesses. There seems to be some amount of throwning the baby out with the bathwater here with the new proposed search system. Everyone agrees the current search needs improvement. Time and again, Merchants have listed ways to improve it. Simple, straightforward ways to do it. Many of them are already spoken about in this thread like the demo problem, or, item search returning a seller's name as well as items, or, the need for
  8. I agree with you Rhonda, many creators are flattered by the knowledge that their work will be used creatively in film or photography...my point, however, is: In this case, AgedRebel is "informing" the creator of intended usage - perhaps it is to flatter them, could even be in hopes of getting something free in the future, who knows. But he is not really "asking for permission" which means asking for authorization to do something, even if he wants to characterize it that way. They are two different things. If someone asks for permission to do something or to use something, the "courteous" r
  9. fyi, that JIRA is not visible to the public.
  10. Just out of curiosity - regardless of what the TOS says - why are you asking permission (your words "I ask the builder for permission") if you intend to ignore the response if the creator says "no"? A bit disingenuous imo. If you are really looking for permission and they say no, then you should honor their wishes.
  11. Call me crazy (and I know this is off-topic), but the views on this are up to 10165. Is it possible that the brand name H-D is causing the thread to show up in web searches? It's rather bizarre to see so many views (not sure that I've ever seen that many on a thread in the forums before).
  12. so true, Charlotte. I am a shopper not a merchant. I read these forums but rarely comment. but I have to comment on this one. I have that outfit. the person who created it is an old and respected creator in SL. in fact, the vast majority of the ratings on the items in the store are 4 star or better (by a longshot and a lot of them). this particular outfit is gorgeous and I wouldn't hestitate to buy it again (I got it in game). to leave a 1 star review on this is a crime. even if you didn't like the way the colors look on your monitor (and I get that), iCade, you got all the pieces, all the se
  13. I am not a fan of these display names for a variety of reasons. This morning I discovered yet another one: when I looked at my friends list on the SL website, I didn't recognize people because now their DISPLAY name is showing up and not their real second life account name. I have no idea who they are anymore!
  14. There are no more half stars or partially filled stars showing a true average of ratings in the SL Marketplace. Even if a seller has an item with a zillion 5's and just one 4, the rating shows up as a 4. It was reported by the sellers but it doesn't seem to be something that will be changing.
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