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  1. Recently I bought a youtube player but strangely it won't play my own youtube creations ( mp4). It plays some and not others that appear to be the same format. I get an error message saying that my browser does not recognize the video formats!? As I said, a few have played alright but most of them won't. These are videos of my own content and are in Mp4 format. I even tried one AVI format but it would not play either. Has anyone else had this problem. This is a first for me.
  2. Today I tried to cash out some lindens on the process credit tab. This is the first time I tried that. Imagine the surprise when it said your account doesn't have sufficient funds to request a payout. ( I don't live in Turkey). I have almost 30,000 Lindens in my account. I buy my Lindens with my paypal account. I'd like to cash them out to my paypal account. I do not have a premium account with SL. but that money I have earned in Second Life. What's going on with that. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. My video making skills are rudimentary and I'm not always inworld but here is my humble offering on what I find wonderful in SL. I have begun showing some of my art photography in Second Life thanks to some lovely gallery owners there. I only recently returned to SL after a lengthy absence so my video is not as sentimental as some wonderful pieces I have seen here. My blogs https://cybeleshineblog.wordpress.com/ https://desertdreams1001blog.wordpress.com/
  4. oh I'm sure for many people it is pleasurable and I know not everyone is addicted as you say but I can honestly say also then that I did find it disturbing how many indulged themselves in SL in things they probably wouldn't do in their first lives. It may not be SL that is addicting but some of the behaviours certainly could be. It's too easy in SL and that's not realistic. I'm sympathetic with those who feel they have hit a wall. Plus I can't justify money spent on mainly vanity. I spent my share too. If vanity is a hobby then SL is full of that!! - Nor time wasted just indulging myself in virtual fun!! I think I just outgrew my time there though I still pop in ocassionally. I love the art of some of the builds but I hate getting stuck in the same old, same old- and SL can get a bit like that too after a while Time for growth and change for some of us. I moved in other directions equally imaginative I hope. - and I don't need boundless freedom - just enough to fill me with awe and some gratitude- like real travel and nature etc. Everyone finds their own niche.
  5. SL has a huge potential for addiction. I found that many of us have deep seated issues with various things and it's so easy to avoid them and be someone else in the virtual world. Many people say they are not addicted, but when I see the amount of time and money they spend on their second lives, I wonder how honest they are with themselves.. and I wont go into the sexual side of SL except to say it really feeds the hedonism and immorality that is so carelessly available in a virtual Life. "But I'm not really doing those things! It's just make believe, right?" I got sucked into the role play world which was wonderful for awhile, but one day I saw someone who had utterly lost the capacity to see the line between SL and RL. I became the focus of their hatred and was subsequently and anonymously sabotaged. It was a sad situation and really woke me up to the negative psychological impact of cyber space and the fact that people felt protected in their bad behaviour by anonymity. SL can be very creative and imaginative too. It has the potential to be educational as well as an art platform. But in my own experience if I can't take the art and imagination out of the virtual world I find it a bit meaningless. I come into SL like a tourist from time to time to enjoy the arts SL has to offer but I am not looking to buy a house or parcel or commit to anything that will be time consuming. Been there done that!!
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    my friend listed me as an owner in his group. He went to SL web page to change permissions so I could organize and move his objects in our warehouse.. But I am not able to do this. Most of his objects say locked to me and yet he can edit and move my objects when I gave him permission. What have we overlooked.
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