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  1. This also happened to me, for just about the exact same folder. I had a "misc" folder directly under My Inventory that held everything from furniture and homes to automobiles and just about everything that I couldn't fit into the preset folders, full of things I don't really need daily but would need perhaps once every few months. That being said, I didn't even notice the folder was gone until recently and I have no idea how long it's actually been gone. I'm just glad I had my favourite pieces already out in my SL home so I didn't lose everything relating to home and furniture. I'd just like
  2. So there was the new update today and I've been trying to get on but every time I download the patch, it says that all my .DLL files can't be opened, and eventually SecondLife.exe can't be opened. I've tried downloading it various times, and then uninstalling and reinstalling Second Life Viewer twice. I've also closed all other programs in case the .DLL files were already in use somewhere, but the same thing happens. Each time I start up Second Life, it tells me to install the new files, yet after they're finished "installing" (I say this tentatively because seven files refuse to upd
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