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  1. 13 minutes ago, Logos77 said:

    Hi. I want to buy SL premium membership, but I have 2 questions. First, what happens to my home once my membership expires. Does SL take it away or do I get to keep it forever. Second, what's voice morphing? How good is it? Thank you very much.

    6 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Your Premium membership will automatically renew unless you request to downgrade.  You must give up your Linden Home and/or get rid of any Mainland that you own before the system will allow you to downgrade.

    I don't know anything about the voice morphing, so can't answer that question.

    2 minutes ago, KT Kingsley said:

    It's more the case that LL will keep billing you for premium membership until you cancel it, and you can't cancel it until you sell or abandon any land you have – which includes any Linden Home you have.

    Voice morphing is meant to make your voice sound different: maybe robotic, or maybe changing your gender. I don't know if it's any good.

    Picking up where LittleMe and KT above left off: Voice Morphing is what it says on the 'tin' - it allows you to apply a Morph effect to your Voice Output - you have to go to one of the Premium Voice Morph islands to activate it and must do so periodically to continue to use it.

    As for how good it is .... Most will agree that it isn't anything to write home about. I have found only a singular one that I have used on the rare occasion - incredibly rare seeing as most RP places and such keep Voice turned off.

  2. Again, that's nice.

    Bottom line: For normal use (and as a general rule) one should not be using higher than 256 meters (an entire region) for the majority of their activities. As far as I am concerned that is simply how it is at present.

  3. 5 hours ago, Desiree Moonwinder said:

    When on my standalone SIM, I put my draw distance to 4096 so that I can build from top to bottom without bothering to move my avatar.  I do have a couple of spotter Alts that I stand near the points I'm building, so I can cam back and forth with radar. 

    I have mainland experience and stitched-together region experience, and so I'm telling you from experience the only way to get performance in SL for combat and such is to have a single stand-alone region.  That's just the beginning of course.  You also have to keep inworld scripts low and meshes reasonable. 

    That's nice.

    All it changes is the addition of specific edge cases and clarification of my statement to concern most other cases.

    In short: You're an edge case. No one should be using such a high Draw Distance as a go to, day to day setting. No one should be using such a high Draw Distance for vehicular transit.

    You prefer to build in such a manner - that's lovely.

    As for the second half? Nothing at all to do with keeping a reasonable Draw Distance.

  4. 3 hours ago, Dahlia Bloodrose said:

    Because they have them at all?  

    Because having them attached where they aren't relevant is pointless lag for others?

    Or because they have adult body parts attached but hidden in non-adult spaces?

    Are things like the Catwa Tears add-on a bad sign?

    I am asking this because I am trying to refine my understanding of this etiquette.  In RL, my non-visible body decorations are strictly private. I never considered that giving my avatar the same decorations would have a social impact.  I mean I know you can list another avatar's attachments, but I'd always thought about that in terms of people being curious about where to get an item.

    I'm enough of an introvert and sufficiently cautious that I'd never approach someone and just add-friend.  But there's a bunch of SL social rules in here I'd like to understand more deeply than "Don't do/be this."

    There's not much wrong whatsoever in having hidden jewelry/accessories or "body parts" - it's simply that some have their own views on when having such things on at all are appropriate as well as what such attachments being present "says about the person" (hint: nearly always assumptions that have as big a chance being wrong as they do being right).

    No matter how people attempt to rationalize it, the above is the truth behind it all.

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  5. Use what you're comfortable with or prefer to use. Don't pretend for even a second that whatever issue you had that made you swap, still exists as it may or may not still be an issue.

    I've not looked back since starting to use Linux (originally on a shared computer) since the days post EoL of XP. I've not had any issues nor have I had to "tinker" really (not for day to day use - had to set up a few SymLinks for getting Winamp era playlists I'd exported to a more universal format to point to the correct places when loaded into Audacious).

    Do I use an "out-of-the-box" distribution setup? Not entirely - no. I replaced the stock Kernel with a more performative one on a friend's recommendation. Does it "misbehave" on occasion? For upgrading said Kernel, I have to pop open the Terminal and use Pacaur because the stock/GUI Pamac/Pacman is griping about it (for no discernible reason).

    I do not use the nVidia site released drivers nor do I use the set that normally ships with my Distro (Manjaro) - opting to use the set that ships with/is used by Arch (since Manjaro is based on it).

    I've not had to use the "tricks" one would have to use on Ubuntu (and derivatives) to use Firestorm (symlinking specific libraries to their modern counterparts in such a way as to trick it into thinking the modern ones are the older ones).

    I'm not a software dev, I haven't properly kept up with programming languages since the late 90's early 00's. If something stymies me, I look it up - just as I did with Windows.

    I don't use or keep Chrome on this machine. I do have Chromium and Chromium derived browsers on here as well as Firefox (a holdover from my Windows days, when I had to hop from Browser to Browser to get some pages to work properly): Brave, Opera, Vivaldi and Firefox. Chromium is only there because of ALVR.

    Linux biggest strength is also its biggest weakness: Many, many Distros, Desktop Environments and Kernel variations.

    By and large, things "just work" for me. Sure, there's a fair few Steam linked games that required some patience or settings alterations but frankly that is still a thing for some games on Windows as well. Are there some games I can't play that I'd like to? Sure - most of those use some variation of Anti Cheat software that often runs as a background Daemon, requiring a level of access they really shouldn't have anyway (but will be worked around as Proton develops further).

    No OS is perfect. No OS "just works" all of the time.

    As for Second Life?

    Linden Lab chose to use several proprietary packages, programs and add-ons - the makers of some of them having turned their noses up (more or less) at supporting anything outside of Windows (and when pushed, Mac). TPVs running Native on Linux have to use an older version is the Vivox plug in because the Vivox Devs themselves stopped bothering. We're told by some dev teams to use a WINE based work around if we want to use the more up to date Voice (or for some Distros, to make it "just work").

    Pinning the majority of this on the users and developers making all of this work is disingenuous at best. Over the last decade or so, Vavle stepped up to the plate. Others are (slowly) following.

    TL;DR - Do not assume that your bad experiences (however long ago they happened or however recent they are) are the Norm. Things change.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Robin Kiyori said:

    Could.. you explain what you believe I am doing? I am not speaking for all people that are ND,   just the ones that like me have things that make us more susceptible to forming addictive patterns.


    Also..what is there to agree/disagree on? my point was that as a specturm.. no two peoples' needs are going to be the same..

    It is not what I believe you are doing - it is what you are doing: Speaking for anyone outside of yourself. Which you even did in this post after a fashion.

    That is fine and dandy when dealing with an actual government or actionable (meaning can be taken to court) issues/situations. This is neither.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Isn't part of the reason group chat doesn't always work is because of groups with thousands of people?  Weren't groups originally intended for land mostly?  Correct me if I'm wrong but I know it was discussed awhile back.

    Yes - they are (not were) intended for Land Management. That people consistently use them otherwise does not change this.

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  8. 1 hour ago, ChinRey said:

    Take a look at the images here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/462249-what-second-life-could-have-been/, particularly the second and 8th picture.

    With 128 or even 256 m draw distance what you would have seen on those pictures were a few trees in the foreground, maybe a little bit of the road in picture no. 2 and a vast stretch of empty land behind.

    The second to last picture too. That stretch of road was far longer than 128 m so with SL style draw distance you wouldn't actually have seen the end when you started driving down it.

    I know this kind of big(ish) landscapes are all but impossible in SL as it has turned out anyway but to me at least this is an essential quality of a good virtual reality. If you feel otherwise, I suppose we just have to agree to disagree.


    We will indeed have to "agree to disagree" here, though for quite a different reason: That is not how Second Life is set up nor is it likely to be how it will be set up any time soon.

    I saw the thread you've linked when it was initially posted and I rolled my eyes then, just as I am doing so now.

    Furthermore the images there are of a Region (from a different but related system - OpenSim)) owned and operated solely by you. You chose to have it be more or less "empty space" (forest land with roads) and how long to make each stretch. That same space here in second Life could well be crammed full of varied buildings and roads, not to mention the occasional skybox.

    Further missed in your response is that mine was directed at someone using such a massive Draw Distance for flight while stating they do so to avoid obstacles. Such a Draw Distance is not needed for such a use case. It simply isn't - if you're flying so fast that you "need" to see that far ahead, you need to slow down as you're crossing from one Region to the next far far too rapidly.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Jennifer Boyle said:

    Yes, there is. When flying, it is very helpful to be able to see the enormous distance of one km ahead. It really helps one to maneuver around obstacles.

    If you need the equivalent of four entire Regions (linear) for that, there's a problem.


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