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  1. I have read so many of these, and so many seem to be on the same track, just not quite the same train, But I wonder. The future of computing is cloud, and the future of the web is apps apps apps....can we go there. The pc as we know it is dead, portable devices and specialized devices are the future, Ipad, netbooks...and apps apps apps, so why not begin to go in that direction, you want to intigrate all those things, twitter, facebook etc, to be able to use SL for portable devices, what you need to do is minimize the actual viewer and make it to fit the necessary access, and do all, and I do mean all else in adoptable modules and then to integrate web apps and plugins...apps apps apps, let interested parties both commercial and private produce applications that use web services and draw business to sl then take part in developing apps to bring sl into the web, and you will be on track to so many of your desired business and development wishes for the future and make it something more people will want to adopt. you see your smart phones every day, get on the wagon. or fall behind, your choice
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