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  1. Sassy Romano wrote: Have you fixed the issue of gifting adult items to teens? A test yesterday revealed that an adult rated item CAN be delivered to teens. How will you address this without then exposing the receipient as a teen? Responding to the purchaser with "sorry, cannot deliver adult item to a teen" is a bit of a giveaway and unwittingly becomes a self TOS breach of privacy. I would have thought that addressing the legal ramifications of what can be done via the Marketplace would be more important than the changes listed here since it is LL that has brought this situation upon i
  2. Ceera.Murakami wrote: (I apologize in advance for the use of all-caps here. If your Blog's text formatting wasn't so screwed up I would have used italics.) So fine... If we sell via the Marketplace, we will, with some effort, be able to flag our products so they can be access controlled by the purchaser's maturity rating, and the 16 and 17 year olds will only be able to buy goods tagged as G-rated. Eventually, other content can be flagged so only those with payment info on file or Aristotle age verification can see and buy Adult items. And Linden Lab insists this is necessary, and a good
  3. Welcome aboard Rod so does this mean SL is going to become just another game?
  4. See, Nany? This is how it's done. This person did a fantastic job of supporting your position and lays out a good progression of logical statements supporting your premise. For the record, Harmony, I think you are mostly spot on. With adult content driven entirely into Zindra, Making it it's own grid and having SL Disney World as a separate product could be done simply. I think a completely sanitized mainland is now inevetible. The only thing that does not work for me is that the senior people are leaving and there is still no announcement of a sale. From what I've seen IRL (sadly I've
  5. I double checked just now. I was standing in a PG sim and could see everything going on in the neighboring mature sims and beyond that too. Thats the problem right there not to mention shopping from a sim or two sims away.
  6. No there are no PG areas that border an adult sim. these are either on their own estates or in zindra. There are some mature sims that are next to PG sims. The issue about seeing adult content in mature sims from neighboring PG sims is not really an issue. Even before the teen grid merger announcement and the moving of adult content to zindra, people in the mature sims had to hide the adult content from being viewed from the PG sims next to them. Nothing is changing here. You could not have any signs with nuditity or outdoor nudist parks on a parcel that could be viewed from PG parcels. W
  7. One of SL's charms is that it is not real life. So why would people want it to mimic real life? With all the restraints and restrictions real life has in it is due to the basic rules of civility however a lot of the minors don't even follow those constraints themselves. Also I want to point out that many of the games the minors play on their grids are not, NOT allowed in general sims on the main grid. They are, ARE allowed in mature and Adult. So where does that leave the minors that loves these types of combate and other games? It will just give them more of a reason to make adult accounts
  8. To many people SL is different things to each and every one. Most of us came here not just for sex alone heck My real life husband and I are on here together as a couple and stick to each other. However I can tell you what it is to us. A place to go out and hang with our friends and dance without kids so dating each other. Something we don't get to do in real life. Why would anyone want to take their kids on a date with each other. I'm slightly agoriphobic means fear of people, places and crowds with me its people and crowds I don't know. I'm fine around people I know. I finally get to do thin
  9. You misunderstand the question. The core question is, does Linden Lab intend to operate a pornography business? Regardless of whether or when the company realized that is how their platform was going to be used, what do they intend going forward? Putting underwear on default avatars is an indication that they do not want to continue to be seen as promoting pornography. Whether their customers want that or whether porn is where most of their money is coming from, indications are Linden Lab does not want Second Life to appear to be a porn site. And I can see why. Plenty of reasons have be
  10. on other sites that adults and minors are allowed on together there is one main difference and that is choice people know how old such and such is so they can either deny the chat IE not talk to them leave the area or anything else as the ages of all are prominitly displayed on their profiles and homepages for all to see they even have a clause in the TOS that states that if age is misreprensented in any way shape or form to appear younger or older that account will be deleted. So people then have a choice of talking or mixing with minors and minors have a choice on talking to adults or not.
  11. Actually When I first joined SL there was no underwear on the default avatars other then clothing that I could remove however I did create an alt to check things out as a test alt before I age verrified her that is and yes there were underwear that was on the default avatar skin once I switched skins the underwear disappeared. So that leaves your question in the dust back when I joined it was 18+ and there was no indication it would be anything other then 18+. However I might point out that having underwear baked onto the avatars or on the base skins was one of the many suggestions that was m
  12. You might want to ask him about all the games you like playing as on the adult grid they are labeled as being mature and its against the TOS to have them in the general areas. Also notice that He's having meetings in the TG but there is a lack of Open meetings on the adult grid.
  13. Excatly and they may say no now as well as some of the people for this but disneyland here we come.
  14. Here is something for you to chew on those military games your so fond of and play on the TG are only allowed in mature and adult on the main grid so where does that leave you? IE those games are not allowed in the General regions.
  15. No a brief voice confirmation may not work as I know plenty of my sons friends have very grown up voices my son who is 17 sounds like he's in his late 20's early 30's if you go by voice. All people are different, I know some people that are older them me and I'm 40 that have child like voices I know them in real life on the phone or on voice they sound like kids so even with voice you can't really tell.
  16. I have to ask the people that are posting... do you think this is going to change your behavior. If so what do you, think you will have to do? or do you feel your behavior won't change? Yes it cuts down on my behavior, there are places I used to enjoy being as they were in PGGeneral sims that I will never go to again also places that I used to shop that are in pg/general sims that I will never go to again. I'll have to watch what I say and who I talk to, It'll will be more restricted as to what I do and say. Just like it is in the real world. Even In mature areas I'll have to watch what I say
  17. Been there done that and fought tooth and nail for them, Now I have to undo all the damage they were put through only My kids were taken for an odd reason because I was in an inter racial relationship (mexican/white) and yes I won my case a lot of people were fired and even more in prison. Now my 17 yr old is in theropy and suffers from PTSD as do I. So don't talk out your butt. If I can keep one kid from going through what I went through or what my son went through That will be a sucess.
  18. I see it all the time I hear about it on the news all the time I've seen things that would turn you ghost white in real life and on SL its not a safe place to bring teens into. I'm an ex victim so If I can prevent one child going through what I went through it will be a sucess. My parents were very liberal and let me do whatever I wanted. There are a lot of parents out there like mine were. I take care of my kids make sure they know right from wrong, I can't watch them 24/7 but I know they can take care of themselves to the point of self defence to get away if needed. I live in a very rough n
  19. Anyone saying they welcome kids to SL will be accused of being a pedophile. Excatly I have serious doubts as to the peoples characters who wants this to happen and support it.
  20. Kayosan, My parents did quite a fine job of raising me. The fact that I do not have children does not change my maternal/fraternal instincts. Sadly, far too many parents seek only to rid themselves of their obligation to raise and educate their offspring. I see it dailly in my RL work and have heard it repeatedly in various posts in these and other forums. Whether you choose to believe it or not, adults have a responsibility in life. No matter where you are or what you are doing. You, as an adult, are responsible for your own actions. Your parents were responsible for you just as I'm
  21. lol I just woke up but I said its happened and it has. Not to me though. However not everyone that owns a sim can aford to higher managers as a matter of fact there is a lot of sims being abandoned due to downsizing as things are getting tougher. However as I also pointed out things are going to get even more tougher. As the premium membership is going to be pushed at us as the only way to reach 18+ land and materials.
  22. Owners and staff MUST accept some responsibility for their sim. Afterall, it is they who reap any reward, so it is they who must work to make it happen. There is only one problem with this. To properly monitor what goes on in your own sim you would have to be on the net and in secondlife a total of 24hrs a day 7 days a week. The only alternative would be to shut the sim or your land down to visitors when you are not present or to higher staff with land rites the only problem with highering staff with land rites is that they could very well sell or abandon your land. IE it's happened. Also an
  23. oh and what about the built in love huds what about those they have all the furniture and poses you need in those right there almost every dirty little pose there is and Yes I've seen and flagged them being sold on general/pg sims before.
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