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  1. "Strong, muscular and defined 'tradies arms' (see Aussie dictionary) makes me feel safe and loved.
  2. Nope! I'm a trust fund baby. Here for my own pleasure and only at my leisure
  3. Hi Mocha You should be able to drag and drop and / or resize by grabbing the edge of the camera controls panel.
  4. Ohh Tiffy... that is too funny. Did you send the photos of you proudly sitting on your creation to the home owners too? Hilarious noober prank!
  5. How did I know? It was obvious... he was 'figuratively' a small, insignificant, inept 'man'. But... still a man... the rest just goes without saying! Oh hang on, and he TOLD me about his infidelities. Nuff said. I didn't wait for an explanation before I kicked his "SL Royal Court" homeless ass to the kerb. Promptly called council to remove the trash from my sidewalk.
  6. Good point Aislin...semi literates with limited comprehension skills.
  7. Thank you all for your comments and interest in this thread. Loralinda you make some very valid points about setting something up to crash and burn. To clarify, pure and simple it was SL love (Only). Rekindled from many SL moons ago when we were both noobs with our first avi’s and long before the mesh and slink. Ok, so let me clarify. It was pure and simple SL love. Only. We both understand (or I thought we both understood) the limitations of time, time zones and rl commitments. But when a man ‘stumbles upon someone and it gets serious’ one must question the validity of the original sen
  8. I'm going to try to not get on my moral high horse but why is there so much hurt and betrayal in SL? Is it all just lip service and I'm just the one that wants to believe? Is it so wrong to believe in heartfelt emotions?
  9. And that's the "thanks" you get for your helpful responses!
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