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  1. Luckily, I have never actually made a cumulative profit renting out a single sim since 2008, and mainland in 2007 (Its gotten easier to make a profit now that sim fees are down to $229 a month from $295 a month) Since Nov 2007, my estimated cumulative net loss has been -$2973. Since July 2018, when tier fees were reduced to $249/mo, then $229 in June 2019 , my estimated net profit has been $493
  2. I just hope we don't start getting a 1099 or something where we have to pay taxes on our in world activity. I wouldn't put it past the IRS to do this.
  3. I wonder if this means LL will have to get rid of their own Online Friends list? https://secondlife.com/my/account/friends.php?
  4. Images are not showing up. Trying to open in a new tab/window, says that it cannot be found.
  5. First off, don't buy brand name computers, they can't be upgraded anyway. Second of all, start learning how to assemble your own computer. That way you can upgrade over time and not have to spend $1000 every time you need a new computer. Best place to buy computer parts is NewEgg.com
  6. I don't know how to use Blender or any of those other things, I find them too complicated, and I'm not THAT skilled. Skilled enough to build my RL house inworld, but I don't have matching textures. However, I know how to use AutoCAD and learn fairly quickly how to use that. I'm not afraid of anything, and you are all just Chicken Littles.
  7. You're just afraid of change and an addition to the building tools that you obviously don't know how to use (and niether do I, but I hate the limitations prims present to detailed builds in SL)
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