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  1. Given that the area has multiple "candles", it's not as obvious this time which location is the right one. I had a quick look at each one in case it was something obvious, but hopefully this one will stay around long enough to do a complete search of every location.
  2. They're placing new traditional homes to the east and south of the original camper area, which might ease the stress a bit for people thinking the last few traditionals were soon to be gone.
  3. It sounds like the region next to you hadn't properly rezzed and then it did. All the regions they're releasing have filled regions around them. They're not empty regions. So if you saw it as empty, you weren't seeing what was really there. The best way to solve that is to cross the boundary into the region that isn't showing properly. It usually makes it pop (or if it's offline, it'll tell you that... when it's offline, it's like it isn't there at all).
  4. I hope so because then I'd win the forum betting pool for my L$0 that I bet on that theme. If I do win, I hope I at least get showered in Linden/Mole bears.
  5. Terraforming is moving the basic ground layer that makes up the region. Landscaping is putting out decorations on the land. You can't make a pond by moving the ground to reveal Linden water. You can make a pond by placing a pond made of prims/mesh/sculpties.
  6. There's no way to check unless you're able to get a house (so have no house). They've been releasing one or two regions in work time (for the Lindens) on weekdays. There will also be a big release at some point of the new theme, which hasn't be announced yet. The new houses do have bigger parcels and more prims, except for the campers.
  7. Stuff is happening fast on the extension. There are railway lines coming through the mountains from the tailfin: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ssp373/ There's a series of house plots with the circle roads between. They look like the paths we can see on the expo sims: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ssp601/ There's no guarantee that this is the new theme, but it's looking like it (and if it is, it looks like some sort of basic house to fill the traditional niche). This seems like a good way to get ahead, because they can sort basic layout even if the houses are still g
  8. Hoping the purple and pink are signs of an upcoming candyland theme...
  9. They've added a bunch of regions on the east side of the camping area in the final version, so expanding ready for more building. The terraforming is continuing on the new expansion in the working copy. Someone's there and the terrain is changing around a bit on the map. Given the extension looks likely as a place to put the new theme, I wonder if they'll add some more traditionals on the east end of the tailfin. Those seem the most in demand at the moment.
  10. I noticed yesterday that a new little island had appeared at the join on the west side, but the other stuff wasn't on the map at that point. Interesting times!
  11. They're reached the original camper area now. There are trailers on the west side around the train rez zone and the south side has terraforming going on (there are more lakes/rivers).
  12. Something that shouldn't be forgotten is this wasn't intended as a game with gaming rules and a winning state. Rigid game rules wouldn't benefit most people, so I don't see that happening. What benefits most people is to get the houses out as quickly as possible without reducing quality. Now they seem to be getting a bit ahead, it's to be expected that different schedules might happen to get the houses out there (which in turn might give different people a chance at houses as times and quantity vary).
  13. I haven't found this to be an issue at the events I attend, but they're not clubs. They're big events where people chat in the event group and use local at parties. The difference may come from not having a set gang of regulars, as a club would have. Some people turn up to everything and we often recognise each other, but it's a lot more fluid and there are always a lot of people I don't know. It wouldn't work to IM everyone.
  14. There weren't any when I checked last night, but there are a lot of regions that basically look ready to go and the moles haven't been hanging around for some time. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more named soon. The basic roundup is the area that includes Toad Hollow looks mostly done apart from the last minute things. This is where I'd watch for naming. The camper area to the west has all the plots laid out, but still needs work on the decor, especially the lower half. This is mole central at the moment, so I'd be surprised if they suddenly released one of those.
  15. The circles might just be regular paths/roads. Mesh objects can look a bit weird on the map sometimes and there's a similar thing that goes on with some of the current mesh road pieces. The corner curves look like full circles on the map.
  16. I thought about it, but people have taken to filling the regions about to be released. If I was correct that someone was there doing final checks/setup, that wouldn't have made the job any easier. It also wouldn't have helped people get a house, as everyone was already refreshing and sitting on the region doesn't improve the odds. I did let people know when Toad Hollow was named. It stood out because the island had quite a few unnamed regions at that point, so it suggested the region would be released before the island was done.
  17. There are a few nice traditionals all around that camper area. Especially for people who want one that's a little less urban, as they usually back onto trees, water, mountains and so on. It'd be more my sort of area if I was looking for that type of house. People have been so focused on the island, I think they haven't seen some of what's coming up.
  18. Seems like a lot of people were having house issues in Toad Hollow, so hopefully the restart fixes things.
  19. I wondered if it might be Toad Hollow as someone was there earlier as though they were working.
  20. I put a few things in the bowl and placed it at someone else's house (I asked, I didn't just fill somewhere with mushrooms without permission). I'm not sure if anyone's found it yet, but it's there. In general, trick or treat is done with items that give out the treats, rather than roleplaying people knocking at the door.
  21. There's an advantage to having multiple pickle bars, because if two people wanted a little event at the same time, they could simply use another one. What I would like is for each pickle to have a different name. They could all be "The Something Pickle", but it'd make each one stand out a bit. They also don't all have the free pickle jar, which is sad. That said, being used for events is only one side of those items. The thing they do most of the time is make the area look nice. They're places for people to find when they wander about. Nothing wrong with that at all. Personally, I'm
  22. Sometimes issues like this need a region restart. Given that Tuesday is rolling restarts day, I'd wait until after that and see if it fixes it. Doesn't seem any point putting in a ticket for a restart when they're going to do it tomorrow anyway.
  23. Buying gacha resells inworld is generally the safest route, as long as you remember to pick the item up. It means you can see the item and know what you're buying. The marketplace will deliver the item you buy direct to your inventory, but you only have the seller's word that the item is in the box. None of that was really new for gacha though, as it's always been how it is for no copy / transfer items. There have been yard says for items with those permissions since I first joined (and they always required you to pick up the item on purchase). There are just more items like that these days wi
  24. Both are correct depending on the dialect of English. My dialect leans towards the latter version, but neither would be wrong.
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