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  1. Most of the more general hunts I've done haven't had a fee, but do ask for a new gift for the hunters. A fee isn't immediately a red flag though, as it depends on the hunt system. One system has land owners buy the items to hide. In return for that, the organisers supply all the hunt gifts and have an established group who'll do the hunts. What is a red flag is contacting people out of the blue with no proven track record of hunts. A lot of the hunts I've done haven't really attracted many people in. It's not a problem when it's free entry, but you don't want to pay to be someone's guinea
  2. Most mainland areas are so quiet that you'll rarely see someone even if you're standing on the ground in plain sight. I wouldn't worry too much that people will be sneaking a look at a skybox. The big issue here is not wanting to use money to cover land for a skybox, because you're not going to get land for free. You can pay for SL with things you do in SL though, so that's an option to consider.
  3. I don't mind suggestions, but I'm not the owner of this store. You might get a good response. You might not. You're not going to know what that store owner is like until you send them a message.
  4. Back when I had more funds and was slowly buying up land in my sim, I did a lot of requesting abandoned land. It's always worth asking. The worst that'll happen is they'll toss it up for auction (and you'll know it's about to happen, so this is good... you can watch for it). But chances are they'll just sell it to you, especially if it's a small plot.
  5. It's probably my author background showing, but I leave negative reviews alone. Reviewers get to have their opinions, even if it's really bizarre and off-topic. I had someone assume one of my decorative mushrooms was a chair once (it was pointy, so it'd be the worst chair ever). Technically, the review could have been reported because it clearly wasn't a chair listing, but it means other people aren't going to make the same mistake. It's also not going to stop someone who wants a decorative mushroom. Anyway, I can see why someone might take the statement of placing them around the home to
  6. I guess that means we can be neutral or wonderful, but no one can have a negative reputation as there's no way for it to go down.
  7. I've rented mall space before, but haven't done so for years. That's because I sold more stuff from a shop behind a secret door. I sold more stuff when I started out by throwing it on my land (next to a Linden road) and setting it for sale, with no proper shop front or vendor pictures. Malls eat money and don't give much back in the majority of cases. This includes places that had a fair few real people hanging around. Most never entered the shops. I suspect the reason you didn't get a lot of answers before is that most people have had similar experiences to mine, perhaps without the part abou
  8. Your screenshot shows the mesh menu as being there and active. You're saying that if you click the circle by "Partial Mesh" or "100% Mesh" it doesn't select it? Note that fitted mesh is greyed out because currently the product is not selected as being mesh. Choosing one of the two mesh options will ungrey the fitted mesh box, so you can select it.
  9. You're not getting yes/no answers because the question you asked isn't as simple as you thought. Shouting at people about that won't make it simple. The official rules are not big on being certain. Everything is maybe and possibly. It's also more complicated because there isn't one thing called a lucky egg. But I'm going to waste your time with a guess, as I'm guessing you've got one where people pay money and get a random item. Usually money in / item out is fine. It usually isn't covered by wagering rules. Most of the time, what they're worried about is money in / money out, not things
  10. It's only a forum feature. You can look at someone's profile inworld and no one will know. Though on the above stuff on disabling it, that only disables you from seeing who visits your profile. Having it disabled doesn't stop you appearing on other people's profile lists. I'd like to see a feature where we can go invisible, as I often end up revisiting pages to reread them. This applies both to profiles and it showing everyone which thread a person is reading. People do tend to assume stalker before they assume dyslexic person who tends to reread things many times to be sure it was read c
  11. Some time back we did a challenge where we started an alt and had to make $1000 with no outside investment. This was after sculpties, though before mesh. It was in response to a similar thing about how everything had changed and new people wouldn't have a chance. I got there by doing the rounds of building supplies giveaways, putting the stuff together, and selling it on the marketplace. I avoided doing anything advanced. I pushed sculpts around and put my free textures on them. I kept scripting to simple stuff. I couldn't charge a lot, but it sold and I got to the challenge limit. There's alw
  12. I mainly live on the build grid in a friend's sim and I have a little shop on the mainland. I tend to build or wander, so I've never really needed a house. I did have more land in the past, but I couldn't afford to keep it. That had a gallery and a chess garden and things, which I'd like to do again sometime if my finances improve. I'm more interested in making public spaces than having a private home.
  13. Ilithios Liebknecht wrote: Polenth - Yes, that may be a good idea. I need to get people to add the place their picks and profile. I know several fans of the games do have it in their picks, but should figure out how to get more. I have found an advertising agency that you pay and they find people who put your place in their picks in exchange for pay, but I don't know how well that works. Maybe I should give it a shot, and/or think of other ways to get the games in people's picks and profile. I will definitely look into that. You've misunderstood. I'm not talking about other people's prof
  14. Passive promotion can do a lot in Second Life. By passive, I mean you make sure everything links to your place. Your profile mentions it, you have a clear link in your picks, and your forum signature has it. Then you just take part in stuff. Join communities, go to events, make friends. People have to know you exist to support you. It also takes some of the pressure off you, as it isn't about trying to promote all the time. I'd also suggest considering attractions that aren't about the games, and aren't something people will farm for Lindens (because that attracts bots more than real visitors
  15. You're hitting a common problem in anthropology. Outsiders come into a community with only a vague idea on what goes down based on other outside descriptions of that community. They create a series of questions based on those outside descriptions, and approach asking the way their textbook told them to rather than tailoring it to the community. Often people avoid them. The ones that don't will provide nonsense answers (sometimes because they've had enough of being asked odd questions, sometimes because the questions aren't really the right questions so they don't know how to answer). The anthr
  16. The benefit to merchants is pretty obvious. They'll make more money per item, as people will pay far more trying to get the special widget than they'd ever pay for the item if it was directly for sale. What the customer gets out of it is rather more debatable. When gachas aren't too common, and every item would be great to have, they can be fun. But when there are gachas everywhere for everything, a lot of the fun is lost. In Second Life, it's also an odd choice for items that would be better off as copy. But clearly some people like them as they keep on buying the stuff, so I just boggle at
  17. Here are the policies for mainland: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies In short, you have to stick to the maturity rating. You have to keep your stuff on your land, so be sure nothing sticks over and your particles/notecard givers/security orbs aren't spamming your neighbours. Use a bit of common sense with scripted objects, so you don't lag/crash the sim. The things that are not so obvious are ad farm, land-cutting and bot rules. Unlikely that you intended to do anything to break those, but it's good to know them. You can abuse report people who harm your
  18. Could be the system sees them as on the land outside your house, so won't let you return. But whatever the reason, I'd suggest putting in a support ticket about it. Explain what you've said here, that you think they belong to the last owner, you think they're not in SL at the moment to pick them up, and returning them failed.
  19. A tourist place would be useful. I like the idea of giving more context to destinations. Maybe having a map of each continent, showing where the recommended destinations actually are. I didn't really understand that SL had a world map with continents when I was new, as getting to places was all by teleporting.
  20. Jacob Cagney wrote: So how many of you have filed a bug report for the words, or notified customer support? Or are you just complaining on the forums and letting everyone suffer when you have found the issue but are refusing to tell them so that it can be fixed? Posting about new filter words isn't to make people suffer. It's so other people know it's a problem. It took ages posting each bit of my description until I found which word was causing the problem, partly because I assumed it was the new bit I'd added. I never would have predicted it was AOs. So hopefully, it can save someone
  21. Qie Niangao wrote: Actually, it would be fantastic if somebody could come up with a replacement activity that serves the same purpose as sploders. I mean, the money involved isn't worth the trouble of finding the stupid things, but the little bit of anticipation and... I dunno... "passive competition of lucky fates" or something... whatever makes sploders a draw... it would be amazing if somebody could invent another pure form of that, because frankly, sploders have had a good run, but they're pretty tired and lame after all these years. An item version would work well. People click to en
  22. My experience is malls or small side shops don't do much unless they're in an area that's fun to explore. I've never had much luck with basic malls, but I do sell stuff from a little shop in a hidden cave behind a secret door. When I tried various selling events, one with everyone in a plain grid pattern didn't sell anything, but Fantasy Faire with its decorative sims meant a lot of sales. So I ignore malls, unless they have shops integrated into a nicely built sim. Which is pretty much never, as they almost always put them away from the main sim areas and have a very generic build. It should
  23. I also found AOs was a recent addition to the list. So you can say the product has an AO, but not that it has multiple AOs. I'm still trying to figure out which obscene word it's supposed to be, as Google didn't bring up anything useful.
  24. Alishen wrote: Wow some of you need a clean diaper .The game is 0 like bloodlines and biting is a non point effect that I doubt will be much of a issue.It is more based on building dark families with points for family tree size and combat that dose not rez anything and is more dark magic.I see a great game about to be released and I will be more then happy to support it! If you had signed up for the beta testing and read the facebook before you just jumped on people the forums might be a place people use more then a handful of you with 1000s of negative post. The whole point of asking h
  25. The opt in systems for either players or areas are a better idea. But on the original question, you haven't thought it through. For Bloodlines, you get a dropdown box and click it to get rid of it. Annoying for sure. But instead, you're proposing a system that forces people to reply in chat, and then encourages the biter to hassle them in IM if they don't reply. Typing out an answer is more time consuming than clicking a button, and if everyone did it in a crowded area, there'd be the constant spam of endless no no no no no. That's how to make a bite system even more annoying than Bloodlines.
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