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  1. I had it suddenly switch language too, which happened after someone bought something using that language. That's also how I found out that it had archived my old English descriptions in some of the other language tabs (which ones and which bits depending on the age of the product). So that's a thing to check if you've updated your titles or descriptions since listing the product.
  2. I'm someone who looks for sims to explore, rather than sims full of people. Even if I visit a sim and it turns out to be not my thing, I'm not going to know that in five seconds, because it hasn't loaded. Unless you have an aggressive greeter or land me in the middle of a crowded club, I'd have to wait for it to load. That means your visitors are most likely bots or people who were searching for people rather than places. Which means the issue isn't lack of patience. It's that your target audience is not finding the sim in the first place. Your target audience would wait to load. Trails a
  3. There's a point where I don't think it's wrong to judge someone by avatar choice, in the sense that it's one way to communicate interests. I'm a tiny mushroom, so people often stop me to talk about being a mushroom and fantasy things. It's a fair assumption to think that I might like fungi and fantasy. In turn, if you've chosen a distinctive avatar, my first assumption is you made that choice because that's what you like. Where it becomes a problem is assuming that no message is a bad message. A generic avatar is a blank page, rather than a statement of interests. At most, the avatar migh
  4. My issue was less with the theme, but the way it was described. On first read, I thought it meant I wouldn't be able to take part, as those things didn't mean anything to me. Not even in a family-story-from-older-relatives way. But then I figured if they hadn't mentioned it, that didn't mean it couldn't be proposed. I submitted an idea based on 1950s science fiction instead. The same goes for people here wanting to do history exhibits. I hope people did apply anyway, regardless of the official description.
  5. You could try visiting some of the big events. Raglan Shire's ArtWalk (http://raglanshire.com/) is happening now. SciFi Con starts in a few days (https://scificonventionsl.wordpress.com/). Fantasy Faire (https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/) is over for this year, but people do still talk in the group, and it'll be around again soon enough. The advantage of the big events is they usually have an active group, run well-attended parties, and have things you can explore on your own. It deals with the issue of general community sims, where it can be hard to figure out when people will be the
  6. A novel would be very hard to read in notecard form. I have taken part in hunts with short stories in notecards and have run a couple like that myself. It works well enough when it's a short piece, especially if it's one that can split easily. The story I did was a set of letters, so the divisions were already there. But if you want to get into writing in a big way, especially a novel, you'd be better off publishing a standard ebook rather than trying to make a book in Second Life. The platform just isn't good at handling long texts.
  7. A griefer might be a negative experience too, but they're usually chat/particle spamming, so the settings in question do diddly for that. They're also so many times rarer than getting stuck in a rock that I'd rather settings were for the everyday experience. You don't have to agree, but that's how it's been for me.
  8. The only use I've seen where I felt it worked are maze sims (and similar puzzle sims). They often turn off fly and set a landing point at the start. If you don't want to do a maze, you're not going to visit a maze, so that's not really a problem. Everywhere else, it's a nightmare, especially when it goes with no fly. I explore a lot and I walk most of the time. Teleport and fly are tools for getting out when I get stuck. They also mean I can mark how far I got in a sim and come back later. I do start to avoid sims on hunts and the like if they have those settings and are difficult to navi
  9. Another thing they added recently is that premium accounts can attach two animesh items to an avatar. Basic accounts can only attach one. Which might interest you if you're into follow pets, rideables, or anything else that might use animesh.
  10. As others have said, the interest of the loan can't be enforced. But this does seem like a bigger issue with the friend rushing into big financial decisions. A policy of waiting a day and running it by friends might be one to suggest. It seems obvious, but not to the person who jumps from one scam to another. Sometimes it needs to be said directly.
  11. It's one of those things that technically isn't against the rules, but is on the dubious side. Copy permissions weren't really intended so that one person could place copies of an item for everyone else. However, this has been going on since before Linden homes, and it's never really taken off in a big way. Most people want their own copies of things. You'd lose far more money from things like selling everything as no copy. Ultimately, regular customers outnumber people like this by a huge amount, so it's better to make decisions based on what works for those regular customers.
  12. Note that the centre of the object doesn't need to be on your land to return it. The system used to work like that, but they changed it. All it needs is to be over the boundary.
  13. You can't just nudge over the object... you will have to return the whole thing. When it's a really clear case, I don't send messages. I just return the thing. It's not like someone didn't notice the giant house they placed covered half my stuff. They were hoping I wouldn't log in and notice. The idea of sending a message is nice, but it's not very practical for most small parcels. I've had things cover my stuff that block access or cover my products for sale. That's going back the moment I find it, not after two weeks to see if they'll respond. So, if you need someone to say it's fi
  14. If your main thing is textures for items others make, you might want to take a look at horses. There's a big market for textures and accessories for those. Whereas a boat is more likely to be bought and used as it comes out of the box.
  15. The adult content rules aren't really enforced anymore in my experience. The general sim I live on has public adult content on ground level. It had less adult content when I first moved in before the rule changes. However, assuming you would be reported and someone would do something, your friend is wrong to say that the sky is inherently public no matter what. There's no difference to a sealed box in the sky and a sealed box on the ground in terms of whether they're considered to be public spaces or not. The advantage of the sky box is that out of sight is out of mind. Most people won't
  16. I wouldn't say I have any people peeves, because the things I don't like are about basic respect. As long as it isn't harming anyone, I don't see a problem. Wear whatever avatar you want. I'm a mushroom. I can't really judge. Places are another matter. No fly is my biggest one. I tend to walk if I can, so no flight wouldn't be a problem on its own, but you can guarantee this will be the sim where flight is needed to get around poor sim design. A classic is to not check under the water, so anyone who falls in finds they're in a deep abyss with vertical sides and they're completely trapped.
  17. I'm talking about the time before land was Adult and when it was just land that had adult content on it. I joined in 2006. Age verification was 2007, back when land was split into PG and Mature. Zindra and the Adult classification were 2009. The teen grid shut in 2010/2011. I had to look up those dates, but they sound about right, and are the context for my comments. Before there was a proper rating for adult land, people could set that the parcel contained adult content. The result was that people had to verify to enter (after verification was introduced). It wasn't the case that all Mat
  18. People come and go so often that you can't really guarantee that a nice sim will stay nice. Mindulle wasn't bad when I first moved in years ago, but it's currently not that great and my next door neighbour has an adult property (it's a general rated sim). I used to have a pretty open shop, but I put a box around it so customers teleporting in won't see out unless they want to go outside. There have been other phases, like the person who put up some poorly-made prefab gothic cathedral things everywhere. And the chicken farmer with a bunch of dead chickens in the sky taking up resources. Yo
  19. I remember having to give my passport number to be verified. It was a pain not to be verified as someone who liked hunts, because it'd cut a bunch of locations out of the chain. This was before the scripted hunt idea really took off, so if a location wasn't accessible, you'd have to find the main list of all the locations to skip ahead (and hope that list had been updated properly). It also had a similar issue to today, in that a lot of places requiring verification were not really what you'd think of when someone says it's an adult area. They might have some adult stuff hidden away, but
  20. I'm all for clear signs and it's worth considering that what's clear to one person won't be to another. But I'd rate my worst experiences as things like vendors who think anyone who stands still for a few minutes or examines an item in edit is copybotting. Or that visiting a shop a few times without buying anything is copybotting. Or that all non-human avatars are evil perverts and should be banned. Or the box is actually empty and the seller doesn't reply to messages. Things like shops with poor layouts and bad signage doesn't get close to the worst I've seen. In other words, a discussio
  21. If you define success as earning enough that you never need another job, then most people aren't successful. That includes most people with old accounts, rather than being something that's only true for new accounts. But I'd argue that replacing the day job isn't the goal of most people with businesses in Second Life. I pay for my premium account and have money left over to spend, which is successful for me.
  22. I can see too many cases where this would go horribly wrong. A full perms item that's already been transferred to another person is one of these. Anything that stops copy items being immediately copied is another. This would basically make everyone wait to use their new items, just in case they might want a refund. It would be hard to implement without it impacting the people who didn't want refunds, which is the majority. I'm not against refunds when an item has an issue or wasn't what the customer thought, but I'd rather the customer contacted me and I gave the refund. That way it doesn
  23. A suggestion with this is to test what's actually going on. Use search to find a place you wouldn't usually ever go. If you're not social, pick a club. If you never do gardens, go to a garden. Wait. See if they appear. This will show if they're following you or if they're simply set up to visit a certain theme of sim. If you're now certain they're following, replace your current outfit with one of the newbie outfits. Use replace, not add, so that you're wearing nothing other than the newbie gear. Now go to another sim that you'd never usually visit. Hopefully they won't appear. You c
  24. I'm running a mushroomy sim hunt for Hallowe'en! Ten letters are hidden around Aquila III, a tropical steampunk sim. Each letter is a piece of a short horror story. There are also fungal gifts with some of the letters, with colours and styles aimed at the spooky season. The hunt runs until 10th November 2018. You can find the starting point, with the instructions and hints, at this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquila%20III/230/101/105 This hunt is free and doesn't require any sort of HUD. You just click the letters to get the stuff. You're looking for envelopes sur
  25. I never found the big merchant groups very useful. They only appeared to contain other merchants wanting to send messages, rather than customers. About the only thing that's consistently helped me is taking part in Fantasy Faire. It provides direct sales, raises awareness that the shop exists, and sometimes means I get asked to do other stuff.
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