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  1. I don't stalk moles. I did try to borrow Kona Linden's car. It had security on though, so my dreams were dashed.
  2. Well, we did ask for a replacement for Elderglen...
  3. It's 44 where I have my shop. You should be able to peer at the region/estate information and see what the numbers say.
  4. The answer is pretty simple. It's because they can't differentiate between a tip jar, a vendor and a gambling machine. It's all the same pay operation. The only way to stop you putting money in those machines is to make sure you don't have access to them.
  5. When you downgrade, you do lose access to some premium benefits, including land/housing. It's best to downgrade closer to your end date for this reason. This is the official stuff on this: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/premium-membership-r346/#Section__7
  6. You can check what the physics of the building is doing. I don't know how to set this in other viewers, but here's how you do it in the official viewer. Go into "Preferences" and go to the "Advanced" tab. Put a check in "Show Develop Menu". You now have a menu called "Develop". In that menu, go down to "Render Metadata" and choose "Physic Shapes" from its submenu. Coloured shapes showing you the physics shape will appear over things. If the doorway is made to be a door, you should see a space there. If not, it'll be a solid colour like the walls. This can also highlight if your decor
  7. People can't trade houses, so it's not that people are being mean. There just isn't a system for that outside of abandoning at the same time and hoping for the best.
  8. To be fair, that mantis deserves attention. Just look at those wing patterns.
  9. I'd assume they plan to make other continents with other themes, simply because they'd need a lot more land space to replace the old homes. They're also going to need a range of themes to appeal to as many people as possible.
  10. I enjoy the events by this company and have been doing this one, but they didn't handle this well. The two options would either have been to mark the event as moderate or to remove the item. What's actually happened is a strange rebranding of condoms as a child-friendly item, which has no connection to sex at all, and would certainly be a suitable item for decorating your child's bedroom. Obviously, it was used in a completely non-sexual way, such as a water balloon or a novelty cress planter. The issue being that general land owners could be reported for it and the report would be valid.
  11. This is more like some games noting that online interactions aren't covered by the age rating. It's possible to assign an age rating to the set parts of the game, but you can't assign one to the behaviour of random other players. In the same way, it's not possible to know what someone will build with the tools in Second Life. It wouldn't be possible to have official warnings about every location, because there are too many and they're always changing. It is possible for the community to provide warnings or information where appropriate, which is where things fall down. There isn't a
  12. There are people who cross the line in the forum towards those who are sad that they don't have houses (and the mods have been dealing with that from what I've seen), but I've not seen anything to suggest they enjoy the misery. More that they get frustrated about it. Which means some people really need to stop reading/posting to the venting threads, but it's not the same thing as rubbing their hands in glee because others feel bad. I have seen some going after people with houses who possibly do enjoy the misery. Not so much here, but inworld. They target those who've just got houses and a
  13. They'd have to make a whole new system to tell who has a new home and who doesn't, which could well end up taking longer than it would to make the required houses. A workaround is not to worry about who is who and just give everyone an increased stipend for six months (or something like that). I could see that also smoothing concerns about premium increases and such, as it'd give everyone more reserves. This is a bit like how the winter fuel allowance works in the UK. They don't means test it, because the resources to do that would cost more than just paying everyone over a certain age th
  14. Your previous thread was merged with the one I've linked to below, and people replied to you there. This thread will also probably get moved there, and then people will wonder what I'm talking about, but that's how it goes.
  15. I have two alts. One is a backup admin alt for my group. The other was my "poor newbie" alt, where a bunch of us from the forum started a new alt with no money to see if we could earn a target amount. I've sometimes used them to test scripted items, but I haven't needed to log in either of them for some time. I don't have social alts. If I go to an event, explore or do anything substantial, I use the same account for that. I also have executive dysfunction, so it's better to keep as much as possible on the single account and have very clear (and narrow) purposes for any additional account
  16. They still haven't named the Penitent Beach bar or put out the free pickles. I hope if they release the houses they don't forget to come back for that.
  17. There's a high demand for the new houses. They'll only show on the page when one is available. The threads about Bellisseria are the ones about the new houses.
  18. Send me an IM inworld when you're ready and not in "do not disturb" mode or anything.
  19. I have no idea how this system worked, so I don't know if the eggs need a server to hatch. But I got an egg years ago and you're welcome to see if it'll hatch. Looks like the creator is selling forever food to keep them alive, even if you can no longer do the breeding thing.
  20. I can't see many people going for ideas that result in low quality builds rushed out quickly. The whole reason people are waiting for the new homes over the old ones or mainland is to get a house as nice as the current new houses. I live on the mainland, so it's not that I don't appreciate open building areas... but if someone wanted that instead of a new house, the mainland is already waiting for them. I'm sure people realise they won't make every theme suggested and some themes might be years in the future. But if a theme is chosen, most people will want it to be done with the same care
  21. The bit that currently interests me is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE185/131/68/23 It's a region with a ring of road around the edges. No inner roads and nothing in the middle. Before, I'd have assumed they were going to fill it with houses, but they've put in the houses all around it now, with no signs of placing anything in the space. Maybe a pending community area? A really giant waffle house?
  22. There isn't a diner category, but I'd place it based on what goes on there. Whether it's a music venue, chat spot, roleplay or whatever else.
  23. I've sometimes had posts removed because they were in response to the main target of the removal. So sometimes a post can be mild and you won't get warnings for it. Just it was part of that line of conversation and some people were not so mild.
  24. What are you doing to advertise the sim? Are you involved in any other communities? If the answer to that is you're not doing much and you don't know anyone, it's going to be a slow and painful process. If I held an opening party somewhere, I'd invite people I know to make a starting crowd.
  25. This can't happen. Even if you have a USD balance, and even if you don't log in for twelve months, it cannot take your balance below zero. You can't go into the negative and you won't be charged a huge bill somewhere down the line. As others have said, it doesn't look like you're someone who'll be impacted by this in any way, other than having to click "accept" when the new system goes into place.
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