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  1. The point of the trailer release isn't that you'd have to get a trailer, but that some people will give up houses and houseboats to get a trailer. It'll be a good time to watch for any of the new styles.
  2. They're still using it for building (like building the new trailer regions). Check out the thread on it for the latest discussions:
  3. If you were in a crowd, someone might have reported it to the land owner or abuse reported it. But if nobody saw you, the only person who could report you is yourself. If it does get reported, say you made a mistake and it won't happen again. Make sure you have a landmark to a changing room for future use (note that a fair number of moderate and adult regions will also want you to change in a non-public place, so it's good to get into the habit of moving to a changing room).
  4. I wouldn't be using Second Life if I needed to use VR or have it wired into my brain. The former because it makes me sick and the latter because that's a little extreme for a hobby.
  5. If someone has blocked you from sending them IMs, it's not appropriate to ask other people to send IMs to get around the block. Accept that you're blocked and move on.
  6. I visit the area and it is nice to wander around. I like watching it being built. But it can't replace the shop space I have on the mainland, so I wouldn't abandon my mainland. If I had extra tier, and if they added a fantasy theme, I might get a house in addition to my current mainland... but the homes are never going to be the primary location for people who want to run shops.
  7. The "utility bill" can be other forms of proof of address. You can find a list on this page under the question "What is an acceptable proof of address?": https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/tilia-faq-r1533/#Section_3_12 No idea about the W-8BEN as I didn't see a reference to it and I haven't gone through the process yet.
  8. Diamondtown is not a new region. It borders where they're placing trailers, which is why it's overlooking an unfinished region.
  9. Unless whatever system you're using is vastly different to others, it will pop up a thing to people with a bite request, and it will annoy them. Many places ended up banning such systems because they annoyed other people. So best to keep it to the vampire roleplay regions, with people who've agreed to take part.
  10. Foxbridge is done to the point of not having the floaty red box over it still, but Oldridge and Rabelais also look pretty much there other than the floaty box. The point isn't so much that I have special insight into which one will be next (I don't and your guess is as good as mine), but that none of the ones that looked ready were released on Monday as far as I can see. If you're aiming for a particular region, I wouldn't assume there's any particular order to the releases. Just try to claim whatever comes up.
  11. The two that look ready to go and I'd have thought likely for Monday would be Foxbridge and Millers Pond. They're both still not released. So unless it was a surprise region out of sequence and people were very stealthy, looks like there wasn't a release.
  12. It sounds like you mainly want to run a business for fun, so what do you find fun? What are your interests? Build a business from that.
  13. You don't get told unless you try to enter the banned area, so we all could be banned from many locations we've never thought to visit.
  14. The current plan, as far as we know, is to remove them when the new homes are done. There was some discussion about whether they could be redone in the Linden Homes forum, and basically, it's more work than just starting fresh. We don't know if they intend to replace the old themes with equivalent new themes.
  15. Stand on the land. Right click on the terrain of the parcel and select "About Land" from the menu. The window that pops up has a lot of details, but you only need the button near the bottom that says "Abandon Land".
  16. Hover your mouse cursor over their forum name to the side of their post. A little popup comes up with a few links at the bottom. One of those is "Ignore User". Edit: I was too slow, but at least we agree on the best way to ignore people!
  17. I know from POD art sites, they tend to apply trademarks and the like in a way that's much stricter than the actual laws. They want to avoid anything going to court (even if they'd win), so play it safer than safe. It wouldn't surprise me if LL does that as well. So, legally, it might not be an issue... but you might well be right that LL would play it safe.
  18. My point is that if the exhibit is supposed to be all in good fun, then it'll avoid having images that could upset the people in them. It doesn't need life-changing consequences to matter. It doesn't need to break any laws. It should be enough that people are hurt for the sake of the entertainment of others. This is a lot like the practical joke issue. If the target does not find it funny, it's not a joke. But often when this happens, people will bully the target, telling them it's just a joke and they should lighten up. No laws are broken, but it's still a jerk move. You immediat
  19. If it's something where I can decide to restrict it or make it public, I assume it's public even if I restrict it. It's not that unlikely that the privacy options will go wrong at some point and everyone will see it. Don't trust this sort of option to protect sensitive information. But in this case, I'm pretty sure those options are only for the web, not inworld. You can hide certain groups from your profile inworld, but not picks as far as I'm aware. Picks are where you tell everyone about the places you like to go... and there are some things you probably don't want to tell everyone.
  20. The gap between the roads and the trailers in SSP85 could be a place for train tracks. It's a good size for that, would run down the continent quite a long way, and there used to be a thing showing on the map that could be a station. Or they're just going to put trees there, but you can't blame me for hoping about the train.
  21. The issue I can see is the framing. If someone takes a picture of me at a public party, this isn't generally going to be a problem. I've knowingly entered an area where pictures are allowed and gone to a public event. When people have done this, they usually send me a link, because the point is to take a nice picture and they're hoping I'll like it. If someone takes a picture of griefing me at a public event, this isn't the same thing. It's setting me up to be mocked. If someone includes a picture of me doing nothing much for "look at these weird characters" it's also setting me up t
  22. When the thread first started, I might have visited the place. After the way this thread was handled, I rapidly changed my mind. The mildest criticism got accusations of being a copybotter or jealous or whatever else. There are regular digs at other people, whether it's other creators (who'll never be worthy and aren't real artists), people on the mainland (because if you can't afford a sim, you're nothing) or adult sims (which mainly seems to be a dig at the idea that people might do something for fun... adult sims aren't my idea of fun either, but it doesn't harm art for people to have other
  23. My experience of merchant groups was not good. It ended up being merchants trying to promote to other merchants, because customers didn't want updates from merchants who didn't interest them at all (and this was with a shared theme). It might not cost money to join a group, but it does cost time. My event comment wasn't about offering special sales or the like. It's more that this is an effective way to get customers to look at stuff by designers they don't know. They'll ignore the endless group notices. They're unlikely to visit a special webpage or social media account. But they're more
  24. I have social media under my real name, rather than my Second Life name. They're both connected though, so Second Life people follow me and I tweet about events I'm doing. My main advice is only use sites that work for you. There's no point starting an account on a site you hate and don't want to update, because you'll end up not updating it. If you're having issues with sales in Second Life, chances are high that starting social media accounts is not going to do much for you. As it doesn't sound like you really want to do that anyway, focus on something you would like to do. Inworld even
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