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  1. thanks everyone..I added up the others 512 contributions and then my own and the total of what I see in my inworld landgroup tab does include the extra 10%.
  2. I guess I had needed to log out and into SL again.. I can now make the adjustment inwold and was able to contribute 1536, everyone else in the group is premium with no monthly charges and they each have donated their 512. I was the creator of this group. I don't know about the 10% business tho. How do I go about enabling that?
  3. I saw that chart..first level of 5dollars give me 512 plus my 'free' 512 which gives me a total of 1024 to donate to my group. the next level of 8dollars gives me 1024.. do i still get the free 512? That should give me 1024+512=1536 to donate to group. but it doesn't. 8 dollars a month still only gives me 1024m2 to donate to group.So, what is the point of the 8dollar level?
  4. i have a question about land use fees... i up'd my fee to 5 dollars a month and I can contrubute 1024 to the group, I tried raising it to the next level, 8 dollars a month, and I can still only contribute 1024 to the group. What is the point of the 8 dollar bracket?
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