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  1. New Bellisseria Art Display up for the month of May. It is from 9 forum regulars (from this thread and one other). Some stunning pictures and all used with permission of the photographer. Come see it at Firestorm Art Gallery, located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Social Island/189/173/28 Side note: this is a G rated region and at times teaming with SL newbies. So, pls be sure all bits and cracks are covered when you come
  2. releasing a stunning hilltop chalet on grapevino overlooking the windmill and lake. two sides are decorative mountain slopes below you. I just cant afford to keep it or I would... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grapevino/55/75/41 Since there are so many chalets out there on LP, dont think it is possible to do a transfer of it but wanted to let you know it is there just incase you want to try to get lucky.
  3. Anaryane, there are many log cabins that are available and the pop up from time to time on the land page. There are also some that the Moles are still constructing that will be released at an unknown future date. If the ones you were looking at had yellow rectangles around them, they are not released yet. As far as clicking on the house controller (the rezzer box) you will get a wiki link unless you are the owner of that house. That seems to be true for both released and unreleased linden homes Keep checking the land page and you with a little persistence you should be able to get yourself a nice log cabin. Happy Hunting
  4. Have to let go of this lovely log cabin cuz my premium on its owner is running out and I want to cut back costs and not renew. It has a waterfall view from front and a lake view from back.. lovely location. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ghost Ridge/202/217/52 Edit: Sorry forgot to say when. Plan to release in 10 minutes at 8 AM SLT today.
  5. OMG! You are not going to believe this!! I am my own next door neighbor!! I was releasing a vic cuz I need cut back on expenses and this alt is gonna use her 1024 allowance to help finance my parcel on Horizons so I dont have to pay a monthly tier. Anyhow... After releasing the Vic, I figured .. "what the heck" may as well try for a chalet and see what I get. I assumed I would get an instant "throw back". So I TPed over to take a look and was shocked but pleased at what I found... I found that this parcel is immediately next door to my favorite SL home atm... on Geppetto, against the lake near the windmill. I bet that doesnt happen very often. Pity I cant keep it very long cuz of finances. Anyhow here is a picture of the view from my new back yard, including the corner of my fav house next door to it.
  6. For those of you who are not looking for chalets: I am releasing a pretty Victorian that is right next to the Hawkesblood Railroad station. decorative train tracks behind house, station just a few feet from back corner of parcel (with train rez area) lots of space between houses. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawkesblood/24/61/45 I plan to release it in the next few minutes.
  7. Apologies.. thought I was posting in a different forum...
  8. Letting go of a very nice stilt on pier. Good space between side neighbors AND a sailing lane behind with pretty view of stilts on water on other side of sailing lane. West facing, lovely sunsets. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon Vivant/57/76/23 Plan to release at 1 PM SLT unless an amazing Chalet region is released before then...
  9. Marianne.. just for you .. snapshot of Land Page at 1:45 PM SLT on April 16.
  10. Thanks Laurel! It is another nice hilly area.. has a windmill but no water near it. Still cute. here are some pictures...
  11. Thank you Fay. You are amazing to keep us updated on releases. Seems like a particularly nice area. Has High Hills and flat areas with water (a lake I think). Also has an unusually nice Plaza area with a statue. Here are a few pictures
  12. it is funny.. I absolutely hated the chalets when I got my first. Turns out it was mostly the area I landed in that I hated.. was mostly flat with lots of bricks instead of nature. Then my friend got a chalet in a hilly area that was much more to my liking. so I tried for chalet again and got one in a location I like. I think the "where" the home is placed has more to do with whether or not a person will like it than the house itself. I went from absolutely hating them to having two. Both are in locations that appeal to me
  13. Thank you Fay for letting us know what is available atm!! I admire your ability to figure that out, and it is very nice of you to share this info with us all! Someone asked for pictures (on a previous release), so I took a couple while looking around... seems like pleasant hilly neighborhood.
  14. Probably most of you already know this but just in case anyone else shared my confusion.... I recently discovered that the 24 hour "countdown" per try doesnt begin when you abandon a property, it begins when you claim one. So if I claim my parcel at 10:00 AM today and then keep it until noon, and then I use my other 4 tries later that same day.. I can try again tomorrow at 10 AM (the time I claimed it.) I dont have to wait until Noon (when I released it).
  15. Marisa, looks like someone else is about to let it go today. I hope you get it!!
  16. After living there for 5 months, I let that go yesterday so I could get a chalet. This is a super sweet spot.. I hope it goes to someone who loves it. lots of nice stuff closeby including the lighthouse with the ferry to the fairgrounds.
  17. So I did it.. I abandoned a really nice Trad and got a Chalet. At first I did not like them but it turned out that what I did not like was the region I originally landed on and its neighboring regions. (That soured me on Chalet's and I went and got a Log Cabin instead.) Then a friend landed a nice spot on Drumlin, which was quite pleasant. So I decided to go for it... I wasnt crazy about the first 4 spots I landed but I got lucky on try #5. It isnt one of the "hot" spots that most people long for -- such as on a river with windmill, etc. But it is nice and I like it. My criteria was that I wanted lots of green/nature, a bit of space between me and my neighbors, and either hills or water. I got a spot close to two small ponds. It is just past where the road ends, so there is lots of grass/plants and less brick/asphalt.. yey! The view from both the front and the back yards are really nice. Here is a very brief photo tour... The first picture is a snapshot of the house. The second is the view from the front yard and the third is the view from the back yard.
  18. You dont have to abandon your home just to look and see if what you want is available on the land page. You can log in to SL on a non-premium alt, select the "upgrade to premium"button (dont worry you wont get charged) and it brings you to page with the plans and a bit lower on the page is the "Own Your Private Home" section. In it there is a small text link titled "More information on Linden Homes". Click that link. It will bring you to a new page. Click the "Get Your Home Now" button and it will show you the list of what is available. As long as you dont actually select a home on that page, it wont try to charge you to upgrade that alt to premium. Then if you see the type you want.. you can log out, log on to your premium account, abandon your current one and go for the new one. But a word of warning... the stilts dont stay up very long so it is possible that what you see on the alt wont be available by the time you abandon on your premium account.
  19. I am about to abandon a Trad with a really amazing location... on edge of park area along river.. very few neighbors. You can follow the river to a waterfall (all rustic nature) and if you climb up, there are some lovely camper spots at top of waterfall. If you follow the stream the other direction, you quickly come to a small island with a lighthouse and loading area for the ferry that services the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poseidon Peak/136/34/23 I am including a picture so you can see the setting. That tiny green house is the home...and along the river in one direction no more homes til you come to the trailer park. There are homes along the river going the other direction to the fairgrounds. Unless RL surprises me, I plan to release at 8:15 slt.
  20. Sylvia .. Evie has a cute avatar. Thanks for posting her picture
  21. The chalets are starting to grow on me. While I wouldn't go so far as to say I love them, I dont dislike them anymore. I think that whether or not the chalet neighborhood appeals to you is a matter of which region you are on and which location you get within that region. Drumlin, for example, is a pleasant region. It just filled up recently. The area is a bit more hilly and there is comfortable space between most of the houses. That neighborhood feels pleasant to me.
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