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  1. Horizons has some nice areas and some hideous areas -- because there are not rules and people can build whatever they want on their parcels. The super nice feature of Horizons is that you get 2x the LI on each parcel 702 instead of 351. It is an adult region but probably less than 10% of the content there is adult. Most people put regular M rated homes out and live there because of the double LI. I have lived on horizons since 2018 and I rarely have seen people running around nakie or anything ..er.. noticeably adult. I have had a few guys show up "fully erected" and ask me if I am interested in a date... to which I generally ask them to either dress or leave. Think it happened maybe 3 times in over 3 years.. but hey .. happened to me twice on Belliseria homes which i have not lived in for a full year yet. Surprisingly, 2 of the three immediately removed their "tool" and got dressed and stuck around for a bit in a very civilized manner. The third I had to "help" off the property with a ban. The biggest downside to Horizons is the cost. There are Landlords who go around buying up lots and then immediately list them for sale for substantially more than they paid for them. The prices there are so inflated that it is almost a joke. The houses near mine are selling for like 195,000L to 200,000L each .. who is going to pay over $775.00 real USD for a virtual home? The cheapest parcels (not as desirable of a lcoatoin) I have seen are generaly over 40,000L and they are rare.
  2. Even if you are not volunteering (and you have done more than your fair share), do stick around so we can enjoy your company
  3. The region where my home is (Elfin Marbles) is at the outlay..gets dark/light 14 minutes later than the earliet. Glow turned on for me today at 8:44. My alt had a region that got dark at 8:32. So there is a bit of variance depending on where your parcel is in the Fantasy Bellisseria continent.
  4. as far as I can tell, the schedule is 3 hours of day (no glow) followed by one hour of sunset+night+sunrise (with glow). I am giving times in SLT, the exact minutes ranges a bit depending on what part of the continent you are in, but is basicaly the glow starts at 12:30 (AM and PM), 4:30 (AM and PM) and 8:30 (AM and PM). It turns off around (1:30 AM and PM), 5:30 (AM and PM) and 9:30 AM and PM.
  5. ok.. one more... another angle of my back yard at sunrise.
  6. well I got my place decorated. When I have time/energy I will try to do a photo shoot of it. For now here is one teaser picture of my back yard....
  7. Did the moles change the Content Pack? I have one I got on the thursday where they just released 3 regions, and the flowers were all 2 LI each, not 1.
  8. Lovely Pictures Yando. I esp like #3 and #4.. beautiful
  9. As far as I can tell, Fantasy regions are on a 3 hour day followed by 1 hour night cycle. Nights seems to vary by up to 10 or 15 minutes depending on which part of the continent you are on, but start roughly at the 12:30, 4:30 and 8:30 AM and PM and last til roughly 1:30, 5:30, 9:30 AM and PM
  10. oh blackstar.. that is a great space region name too! love it.
  11. good question. I had just assumed it was because of the name and location.. a straight south shot one direction through the "misty sea" .. aka Dannielles ... to Glimmer Bay and the fantasy regions. But you could be right.. could be more to it. Interesting picture. BTW I an thoroughly enjoying the Misty Sea. I have spent some time just hanging around there. there is a LOT to see. Love the lightening effect, the surprise waves, the sea life, the wreckage... it really is well done.
  12. To me, all those floating things in the air (lanterns maybe??) they are an eyesore and I would find the fireworks annoying. But my first line would be to try and derender things and only contact you if I could not successfully derender.
  13. I ran across something that folks might like for their upcomign fantasy home yards.. it is two different unicorns statues surrounded by lovely landscaping.. relativley low LI.. 99L each. From Autisan Edan booth at an event. Located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helenos/13/57/4082 After buying I discovered they are no modify, just copy only. Still lovely but perhaps not so usable. still for 99L I dont regret buying them
  14. why is "today" trademarked?? Is that some type of hint??
  15. It sounds like Patch is having fun with all of our guesses...
  16. Logistical Suggestion for the Lindens. If you find a gacha out after sept 1, could you just return it, like you do with covenant breaking items at Bellisseria? If you do that, then there is no penalty for the occasional inadvertently left out machine. (Some of us creators have gachas put out for fundraising, etc at assorted charity locations and dont remember where all of them are.) Of course, if any creator were to put back out a returned item, that would be a punishable offense.
  17. goodness.. this seems so extreme. I have several gacha Hair out .. if I understand correctly, people can resell gachas that have already been purchased but we cant use gacha machines to see them anymore -- is that correct? But we can sell items that were once in gachas as long as they are in clearly marked vendors so people know what they are buying?? Did the higher powers somehow decide that gachas are too much like gambling? is that the reason behind this?
  18. Releasing a mountain top log cabin overlooking the ocean. Part of lot has ocean view and part has more mountain. Plan to release about 11 PM SLT .. if interested contact me before then http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk Creek/124/118/56
  19. Free?? did some one say free and curtains in the same sentence. Wow. Gonna look for applefall on sl search and see about getting them
  20. I love how you keep us all updated on stuff. Thank you!
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