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  1. actually what I did end up with is also nice.. a vic at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean
  2. darn! tried for that beach house but did nto get it ... that is exactly the type I was looking for. Oh well.. something similar bound to come up again
  3. about to release a Log cabin .. nice spacing on both sides of it so neighbors are not close... hill behind house so no neighbors behind it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twisted Oak/70/70/64
  4. Traditional house (not near water) but with small park across the street and way more space around it than usual. will relesae at 7 AM SLT if anyone is interested. https://prnt.sc/vb81bf http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Downing Falls/223/178/43
  5. The Region that one of my stores is on (uses caspervend) got uplifted today and it is performing flawlessly. Vendors/scripts all working, easy to TP in/out... working great so far
  6. No offense intended Grumpity, but your answer sounds more like something you have to say an LL employee than something you are sincerely convinced of.... I dont see how this is a rock solid for sure bright future for SL... seems like a big scary unknown to me... If you know more that is reassuring, I would love to hear it
  7. Since LL is trying to balance land costs, any plans to lower the tiers a bit more for mainland parcels? I would like to comment on an earlier suggestion. Someone suggested that LL not reduce the basic account's groups by 7, but instead only add 3 new group slots for premium members. That is really not a feasible suggestion because it is not a 1:1 ratio between premium and basic accounts. (Besides as a premium member, I really want those additional groups...) Also, LL is not actually taking away the 7 slots as in making people choose 7 groups to drop. They just wont let them join any more new groups until their group count is under 35. So if someone has 42 groups and does not change any groups, they can still keep their 7 "extra" groups... (of course, in reality, most users drop/add groups frequently, so most basic users will feel this new cap.
  8. I havent had a chance to implement it yet, but I really love the features that store manager offers. I never seem to have time to add new products to the store.. so hopefully now I can find a good trustworthy person to do that for me and keep my marketplace up to date with my inworld products
  9. This reminds me of that old joke: Q: How do you keep an idiot in suspense? A: I'll tell you tomorrow Honestly though, this is exciting news. I am crossing my fingers that it will extend to private regions as well as mainland - but even if it is just mainland this is still awesome. And since this is rolling out in stages I cant wait to hear what the other stages are.
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