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  1. I am using a router/modem wireless setup. I have considered getting a new one, yes. I've come to learn that Belkin's routers are a bit unreliable.
  2. Max bandwidth has always been 100, going to watch packet loss right now. My biggest complaint is the random inability to bring up internet pages in firefox, and the constant disconnect-on-teleport.
  3. I changed viewers BECAUSE of this problem, but all viewers have the same problem. I'm using wireless, because I have no choice. However, wireless used to be fine until recently.
  4. This has nothing to do with graphics, it's a network problem. Besides, I've tried on all graphic settings already.
  5. Hello! My problem is that recently Second Life causes my entire network to slow down and I'm periodically unable to pull up any websites with -any- browser. (the error message I get is as folows: "Firefox can't find the server at community.secondlife.com.")Also, I FREQUENTLY get disconnected on teleporting. By frequently I mean 50% of the time It disconnects me. This is a really frustrating problem and I've tried tweaking my router, port opening and more. I can't find a solution! I look forward to any responses.
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