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  1. What I don't get is why it worked fine on the older hub which was also a wireless connection. Also do streaming often and get good reception on wireless with it but maybe SL uses more resources connection wise I'm not that clued up on its inner workings.
  2. So I've not been able to get onto second life since last Oct which was in 2018, this problem started after my ISP BT sent us a new home hub to replace the old one. So on second life I notice this when checking connection Connection Ping time over 600 ms Every ten mins I get cut off, forced offline to this pop up message. Possible bad connection or fire-sharing app Problem basically is that SL disconnect every five to ten mintues after I log in and due to it I've not been able to play SL for months and months which is doing my head in. Issues started as I mentioned in last Oct when BT broadband sent us a new router(Issue never happened on the old home hub, only the new one) By the way I'm not running any "File sharing apps" in fact when using SL I hardly have anything else on in the background. Also tried using different viewers but the problem persists across all of them. Read every tech support manual(Including that damn one from 2011 everyone recommends) and yes I've tried "Turning it off and on again" etc etc and every other babbys first tech support patronizing advice and I've done every fix people have mentioned, if it exists I've most likely tried it but nothing has fixed this issue. I've not been able to get onto second life for months and nobody has been helpful. On the front of BT, I've asked them and they've been useless. We've had engineer after engineer out to check lines, fiber, broadband and they keep claiming everything is fine. Connection type is wi-fi, used ethernet and I don't get the D/Cing with it but I can't use wired too much since the routers out in the hall and between the stairs(I can't put a trip wire across the stairs everytime I want to use SL*Plus no other line ports so can't move the router* :p ) It's getting annoying now, I shouldn't need to suffer months of not getting onto second this, this is utter bull now and I'm really reaching out for aid here. Anyway thanks for hearing me out.
  3. Been having a bit of an issue with viewer 2/3 and firestorm with mesh support where textures are not loading right or just flicking. I don't seem to get the problem in Phoenix or firestorm beta however so I wager it seems to be related with mesh. Heres how messed up everything looks like in V2/3, Firestorm+mesh. http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/5420/meshproblems001.png And heres how the same area looks like Phoenix, Firestorm beta(without mesh support) http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/4437/nonmesh001.png V2 and such all worked fine before mesh was impliated, I don't know what I'm having problems with textures, trying changing the settings, clearing cache out etc but nothing seems to fix the issue in question. Update: I tried cleaning the cache from the outside and disabling HTTP textures everythings still messed up X_X
  4. Well did what you said, been logged in a good 20 mintues now with no auto disconnect, heres hoping it worked If theres problems I'll keep everyone posted but it seems to have improved things so far.
  5. So thats it everyone just gives up and calls it a day? Alot of us paid good money to these people and we get faulty hardware, I've seen 1000s of complants regarding Netgear not working with SL to me thats a major problem and there team should be trying to iron it out ASAP. I heard it may be problems with the firmware, downgrades on some of there products may help but not so sure on the DGN1000's...honestly I just got this router today and am pissed off to find out I can't get on SL and now theres no solution at all to the problem on both ends?
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