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  1. Are you being paid to hold an opinion then? Is there some opinion market on SL that I'm unaware of? I want in!
  2. I noticed this in the beta, but figured it was just an accident and would be gone in the release. Why are names in chat now the same colour as the chat text? It's kind of disorientating. They used to be a different colour for easy readability.
  3. Just to be pedantic, Photoshop is actually a good 300 dollars less.
  4. Of course, there's nothing irrational about your complaint here. I frequently find myself with the impression that viewer 2's UI was designed more with "let's get stuff into our new sidebar" in mind than being all that practical. The irrational posts are the ones that behave as though the fact the UI isn't brilliant makes the viewer some kind of unmitigated disaster that spells the end of SL and that everything should be rolled back to whatever particular era. These kinds of comments exist in relation to pretty much any given complaint.
  5. Pretty hard to tell around here when there's been quite serious posts demanding almost the same thing. That's SL for you. Parody is indistinguishable from reality.
  6. Guess I spoke too soon. Forget it Shockwave, you'll never convince the Linden Cheerleading Squad and Glee Club that there are problems in paradise. V2 is perfect, the grid is lag-free, LL management's decisions have been good for the majority of investors and residents bringing increased growth and profits for all. I haven't see anyone claim there are no problems. But hey, misery loves company, right? How dare people not be angry and upset!
  7. So nice to see some positivity in the blog comments for once
  8. Is that so terrible? TPVs take what's good about the first party viewers and improve on them, and we're not losing those.
  9. In fact they're not just trying to develop it. They are developing it and will continue to do so. Also, why would they start locking out viewers when they've gone through so much pushing TPVs?
  10. Ran pretty impressively smoothly for an official viewer in the first couple minutes... then it went back to normal. Oh well. lol I still don't see why I need to access the develop menu to make antialiasing work.
  11. It is EXACTLY like what I said. Users who want a tag over their heads that has a name other than "blah blah Resident" will need to use a display name instead now since they do not have a choice of last names like we did. What part of that isn't true? It's is also a fact that 1.X viewers can't view display names (though a couple TPV's are starting, but since they lack the lldku libraries due to LL requirements, they are 3x slower and are unusable on older hardware now.) What you said was that the new system is an "attack" by LL, which is nothing but ridiculous hyperbole. You're the one in the business of pushing for juvenile attacks, remember? You're also conflating the issues of the "Resident" last name and the need for a display name. I dare say "Joe35 Resident" doesn't particularly care about his last name because as far as he's concerned he's just "Joe35". The only people who will be seeing "Resident" are those of you on the older viewers, and frankly that's not your problem, is it? The vast majority of people did not want Display Names "as implemented." The vast majority of residents do not want the 2.X viewer UI either which is why they are running TPV's. The problem is simple: LL has never really listened to their customers, but they have changed in the last year to being openly hostile to their customers. The FACT that people, including the founder of LL himself, are leaving SL in droves proves this true and that LL is self destructing. The numbers don't lie. The massive layoffs at LL wasn't just a dream. Somehow I doubt you're basing your "vast majority" statement on anything more than anecdote, but either way you ignore certain facts. There are TPVs that use the viewer 2 UI. Why is this the case if - as you suggest - no one wants or likes it? Any good TPV is going to be implementing the option of Display Names. It's just a matter of time. As for LL's internal situation, I neither know nor care about it. What happens happens, and if I was as appalled and outraged about it as you evidently are I would have left a long time ago. Being a cheerleader for LL right now is a lonely place to be, it's like cheering for North Korea. Hey guys! We aren't that bad! I'll even kiss a baby on TV! Again with the absurd hyperbole. Last week I saw someone compare LL to tiananmen sqare. This week I see someone compare them to North Korea. Give me a break. And as for being a "cheerleader" it's not the case. It's more I just feel compelled to respond to the nasty, self-centred "protest" ideas and the ridiculous overreactions people such as yourself have to every little thing LL does. I find it quite incredible. But hey, at least I'm enjoying my time on SL. OK, so why am I still here? Well, half of my SL friends are still here, but that number is dwlindling. For the half that are still here, I have seen their online times cut WAY back, maybe 20% of what it was as they explore other worlds that actually care about customer opinions and needs. I still enjoy owning my own sim and being able to do whatever I want with it. If I can do that for free, please tell me how. Well that's obviously your choice. I don't see why you'd continue if you find LL so reprehensible, but ok. I don't suggest that you can get the same thing for free, only that desisting from giving money to LL is the best protest you can make. If you can't bring yourself to do that, kindly refrain from trying to take it out on other users.
  12. Hi Rubin, I'm not trying to argue for or against anyone's problems or issues with Viewer 2 here. I'm arguing against the incitement to actions that are clear attempts to ruin the SL experience of people who *do* use it. You're welcome to your opinion on the software. I'm saying that the fact some people may see Viewer 2 as some kind of disaster does not give them the right to bully or grief people who are quite content using it. If your beef is with Linden Labs, take it out on them - *NOT* other residents. (I'm not suggesting you personally are doing so.)
  13. No. LL has changed the way new residents are named. That's nothing like what you suggest. Your "protest" is nothing more than lashing out at innocent residents because you're not getting your way. The only people you'd be upsetting are the residents who choose to use viewer 2. That is no crime. People are perfectly allowed to use and enjoy the viewer and all it's features if they wish, regardless of whether or not you happen to like it. Intentionally trying to ruin the SL experience of people who use viewer 2 because YOU hate it is simply selfish, immature and probably counts as griefing. Perhaps if you'd put your money where your mouth is and take your $300USD elsewhere, that might actually be a real protest against LL. Stop giving them money if you don't think they deserve it.
  14. In fact, I think that is a great protest. Everyone set their display name to John (or Jane) Doe and show LL just how completely stupid it is. Since so few people use 2.3, it won't impact most of us at all and just make SL impossible for the 2% of the population crazy enough to use a 2.x viewer. Or, rather than engaging in this kind of juvenile nonsense you could just stick to your old 1.x viewer and leave those of us who DO use viewer 2 alone. You're not the first person here to suggest a targeted attack on other residents as some form of "protest" against Linden Labs. It really does boggle the mind why you think that will bother anyone but the innocent residents you choose to victimise.
  15. Evidently I didn't make the reason for my irritation clear. My point is that what you are suggesting is ignoring/ejecting every single person with the last name "resident". That is called discrimination. It's no better than suggesting people ignore/eject based on race or sexuality. Doing this won't significantly hurt Linden Lab, but it most certainly will hurt innocent new players who might just want to enjoy Second Life like you obviously do (or you wouldn't still be here). THAT is why I find your suggestion so abhorrent. I don't know if you've ever been the victim of discrimination for something you have no control over, but let me tell you it isn't fun.
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