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  1. It's hard sometimes, you have to put yourself into the mind of a person experiencing the place for the first time. I think of course its easier in SL cause I can build pretty much everything I want. I'm so lucky we have awesome scripters too. They make the impossible possible LOL. The hardest part I think is making an immersive experience that includes sounds, builds and effects well enough that people step into the character we want them to be in. That was especially challenging creating a "SLASHER MOVIE" theme this year for the first time. It's really hard to build that feeling of being watched or stalked as you would being a character in a horror movie. I think we pulled it off as well as we could without having to actually HIRE real actors to have there 24/7 LOL maybe next year.
  2. I've been making a full time living in SL as a clothing designer for the last four years or so. Happy to help if you need me.
  3. I LOVE IT! I'm such a fan and your pics are wicked!
  4. LOL thats so funny, I just reported one of his ad spams like 5 minutes ago. I guess I'm not the only one!
  5. I didn't have room in my 400 word limit to list the locations where the pics were shot so I'll do it here! In Order: The Flesh Game http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/214/58/29 Village of Nyght-Dunwitch http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dunwich/49/34/25 A Haunted Manor http://slurl.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/161/236/22 Grim Bros. Halloween Special http://slurl.com/secondlife/Clematis%20Island/226/225/280 I'm a little biased towards the Flesh Game LOL but all these locations are fun and scary spots to go with friends! Also very excited about the Mad Peas "Peatonville Mystery" opening this weekend. See Kiana's write up here! And ty so much Mia! I hope you come and play. )
  6. Awesome pics! Love your wild use of colors and shadows!
  7. The build looks awesome. I can't wait!
  8. I'm so excited to be a part of this event and included with this amazing group of creators and designers. Thanks so much for having me and I'm so looking forward to this week. Halloween is the most fun time of year for us!
  9. Coming this Halloween from the creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden and DIVE one of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in Second Life. Enter a world where Reality TV is not what it seems and Terror is just a Video away. You are the contestant in this Fall's hit Reality Competition Show and you're guaranteed to get famous. But what will you have to do to stay alive? This may be the final cut and we hope you're ready for your close up. The Flesh Game coming this October to the Pulse/Snatch City & Nomine sims. A fully realised completely immersive survival horror game with prizes from some of SL's best alternative designers. Bring your friends! Opens October 12th! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Flesh-Game-in-Second-Life/244050798967300
  10. Welcome to Second Life Rodvik. As you can see we're mostly excited and hopeful about your new position as we hope you are too. I'm not going to slam you right away with must-dos (Fix Search) and must improves (Fix Viewer 2 so creators and designers can actually use it and not rely on 3rd party viewers) And of course I would never badger you with requests (please please get people to help us with AR Tickets, Jiras and people stealing from us) And I could never ask you to get right to expanding SL (ADVERTISE) Or change directions (PLEASE don't let my old aunt see my adult SL profile on Facebook) And I would never in a million years request that you think about the people that put all their time and money into supporting SL (a little tier reduction would be nice and stimulating for growth). Remember that there are all kinds of people in SL from families with children, to furries to monsters to adult roleplayers to fashionistas, to artists and designers, business people, students and geeks and the wonderful thing about Second Life is that we can make it what we want it to be. All I will ask is that you continue to spend time in Second Life like we do. Make friends, see how a business is run, how marketing is done, see the immense creativity of it's people. See why I put every bit of spare time and money I have into this platform and have for the past four years. Meet us. Listen to the needs and wants of the people that live and work and perform and create in SL. It seems like for the past few years the powers that be have tried to water us down, limit us, get as much from us as they can without considering how we use SL or what we want for it or from it. We are a community...we're not a game or a network. I am one of thousands that pay my real life bills with my business in SL, I met my RL partner here 4 years ago and we're getting married this year, I have employees, neighbors, family and friends here...I have a HOME. I hope you know that we're counting on you. Welcome to our world. I hope you make it yours too. Good Luck
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