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  1. Thanks ChinRey. Zsigmond, it's just for data visualisation on a private island. Nothing else
  2. Hello, I'm looking for someone who might be able to help with a project using avatars for data visualization. The idea is to be able to get avatars to move to a location based on the output of statistical analysis. I would appreciate leads to anyone who has those skills and might be interested. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know anyone who can make good avatar bots? I want to use avatar bots (that look like human avatars, but can be centrally rather than individually controlled) to do data visualisations. I'm hoping to find someone who can help with both the avatar and the scripting side of that. Any leads to people with those skills who might be interested would be appreciated.
  4. I very much agree with Cybin's point about having one username per RL person and then multiple avatars underneath that. It would be convenient for users and also make it possible to get much more realistic estimates of the number of RL people using SL. I also agree that there is tremendous potential for griefing in the form of misrepresentation with the new system. While they may be protecting against duplicates of existing avatar names, they are not protecting against use of RL names and business names by unrelated parties (unless they are trademarked and you go through the official process of notifying of trademark violation). This is going to make things more difficult for anyone trying to use SL for RL professional purposes.
  5. @Lomorna, will that also work with the usernames for new accounts where there is only one name which can be anything people want?
  6. I suspect that is the situation with my name too (since it is very much associated with my RL business which also operates within Second Life).Since your name is trademarked somewhere you might have a shot about getting them to do something about it (since people in Germany will be viewing someone else representing themselves with your brand name), but really, is it reasonable to expect everyone with a trademark to have to do this? And what about all of the people whose RL names and reputation are very important to their RL businesses and other professional interests? I understand there might be instances when more than one person has the same RL name, but it would be possible to set up systems to deal with that (i.e., let the person who has been in SL the longest or spent the most with LL have the name but then have some way of letting people know that the name is also associated with other SL users and provide some sort of system for finding them). There are a lot of people involved in RL business transactions and relationships using SL and this is going to create huge problems for them as well as people creating content.
  7. I agree with this completely and want to stress that it extends beyond content creators. As soon as I found out people were now able to create new avatars using whatever name they want I went to register my RL name and it (and a variety of derivations of it) were already gone. There are about five people with my same name that appear with any regularity in search engines, and none of them appear in hits associated with Second Life or virtual worlds. In light of that, I am very concerned that someone is planning to represent themselves as me. I contacted support, but they said they can't do anything until someone actually does that. That just seems completely unacceptable. Apparently Linden Lab was concerned enough about this risk to protect their RL name and those of their employees but didn't extend the same courtesy to its customers.
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