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  1. My ANS system stopped working yesterday or today. Anyone else having same issue?
  2. Can any1 post an ANS sample script in php for marketplace? I already checked the wiki topic about it but i dont get it... Please post a sample for me :)
  3. I already checked DD and ANS but it doesn't explain how do you read the data (PaymentGross, PaymentFee, etc) Can anyone post a basic php script?
  4. My magic box have an ANS system and now all trasactions show has L$0... "(2011-09-13 at 21:26:00) "Username" paid you SLL$0.00 for an item at marketplace." Im gonna need a linden lab employee working for me 24/7 to insert all the records manualy on my database and to offer the customers bonus...
  5. Can LL add a small code to magic box doing this? My inworld vending system already uses this to avoid delivery errors and lsl functions already exists. replace llGiveInventory() by llRequestAgentDate(Buyerkey,DATA_ONLINE); then add Dataserver(key id, string data) { if (data == "0") { recheck buyer online status in X mins } if (data == "1") { llGiveInventory(Buyerkey,Object) } That way magic box only deliver if the user is online. Not sure if LLGetAgentInfo is SL wide, but if it is the magic box sould also check for away/busy status before delivering.
  6. "your clients would have to be logged into their sl account" Thats easy for LL to do, the embed code should work something like this. * Display a "Buy now" button at website. * Client click the button a small popup login window shows up. * Client insert username and password of sl account into the popup window and click login. * After that the login popup window changes to a quantity popup page (without opening a new popup) and client is able to chose "quantity" of that single object. * Click "checkout" button * Done! If user wants to purchase other products they need to do same step in separeted orders. The idea is to have no cart to simplify the purchases. We also should be able to chose color of background + color of text of the popup windows. To avoid fakes of popup windows, LL should implement some safe checking system, like paypal.
  7. I have alots of website visits from second life residents. Should be nice to have an embed html code to let my website visitors buy my products from marketplace without opening the marketplace website. Marketplace still get the 5% comission.
  8. Atm i have a website of my SL store. Should be very nice to have an official marketplace embed html code for direct buy each product instead of redirecting the person to marketplace website.
  9. Yea, ur right I didnt think about that :smileysad:
  10. Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to: posting hostile or inauthentic reviews or comments on a competing merchant's items,Imo ppl should report false reviews. There is a button bellow the reviews "Flag this review". Your also able to comment the review. " IMO, no review is better than a bad one." Thats true, but bad reviews can be changed if u listen to the buyer complains For example last week i got my 1st review in a dance ball (3 stars review). Because the "Dance Ball" didnt had any feature to change dance, ppl had to unsit and sit again to change to another dance. I send an IM to buyer thanking him for the feedback, i re-scriped everything with the new feature to "change dance", sent him the new product free of charge and he changed hes review. Since it was the 1st review i just could have deleted the item and re-list again with 0 reviews and dont care about the customer. But my main "concern" is to make customers happy, a happy customer will return and buy again from you.
  11. Paying for any review not only for 5 stars reviews. Imo LL should improve the delivery system. Its not hard to do without making any changes to lsl scripting. 1) Objects should only be delivered when the buyer is logged in (scripts can check if buyer online/offline) 2) Magic box should check if the user is bussy/away to avoid loses (scripts can check buyer is away/busy) 3) The buyer should get a message "You will receive your xxx in 5 secs! Please dont decline the object".
  12. Im a seller at sl marketplace... i sold more 200 items by now... but only got few reviews... :/ My suggestion to increase reviews was to increase the marketplace comission from 5% to 10%. When someone buy an item from you and write a review in 48 hours, the buyer gets 5% comission reward. If the buyer dont review in 48 hours u get ur 5% back. Since some sellers might not like the idea... this count be optional :)
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