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  1. Do you have an interesting business idea? Do you need help getting started? I am looking for a good business opportunity to venture into. Only serious inquirers contact me in world!
  2. If interested contact Warryn Aries in world...
  3. Job Description: Be Able to Create a number of Instrumentals for songsBe able to place vocals on a track correctlyBe able to stay in touch with the recording artistBe able to deliver finished version of the songGive advice on the song Be able to manage time effectivelyBe open to any genre of music Salary - 500L$/song... up to 4 songs per month for a max of 2,000L$ per month. Hours - Open... there are no set hours because you can communicate with the singer via email, texting, etc...
  4. I recently got this and wanted to see about opening a job opportunity through second life. I will pay 500L$ a week. It would be a job consisting of driving on GTA V. If interested contact me In-World.
  5. 250L$/week 50 Prims We will drive in the traffic for you! So no need to worry just setup shop.
  6. Example of registering and logging in below: Register Name: Warryn Aries Login Name (It changes the space between the first and last name): Warryn-Aries
  7. I have two people on board. If you want in there is only one more position open!
  8. That is pretty high for only 1/2 of a sim. I've seen that price for full sims.
  9. I am interested in what business ideas you have! If you believe they are better feel free to contact me in world!
  10. Are you self motivated? Do you not mind going out in second life and talking about a business opportunity? Do you have great social skills? Do you want to earn 300L$/weekly? Contact me: Warryn Aries In World ASAP!!!
  11. Well, I was thinking going for a modern theme. For a mall I would have people wanting to sell their products or advertise their business opportunities. Mainly any shop would be allowed I would not suggest any adult shops though. I was not sure about how many exact shops. Maybe 5 shops and 75-100 prims each. For renting out a home it would be a furnished home. Now, we could allow the person to rezz their own home if the size is deemed appropriate. Or have a home that someone owns and if they prefer to have their own furniture in it would be allowed. I have furnished property already so that would not be a problem. If you are not using scripts then turn them off or if you are not using something often rezz it when you truly need to use it. As the President I am the Owner... the Vice Presidents would be considered Co-Owners. Now, Co-Owners will have ownership rights it is just that I am the one who is over everything. What I mean by paying the greater amount is lets say the land is... 9999L$ and there is 4 of us... instead of doing this... President: 2503 Vice President: 2499 Vice President: 2499 Vice President: 2499 Which would really pay 10000... what I would do is take off to make it even for the Vice Presidents.. so they would pay like 2300... totaling 6900L$ and I would pay the difference... which would be 3099L$... so more is coming out of my pocket. If that makes sense. I do not have a landscaper. I was thinking as President and Vice Presidents we could hire staff to do this. However, Vice Presidents could be over certain operations. Like maybe one is over the marketing, one is over rentals, etc...
  12. We can rent out even just a 1/2 a sim and plan the business together.
  13. So you know you have talent? Well if you are interested in being in a singing contestant to become the 1st ever Singing Prodigy just grab the notecard attached and begin reading! Do you have what it takes to be judged? NO FEE to enter for a chance to win! 1st Place Prize Money: L$1500 2nd Place Prize Money: L$700 3rd Place Prize Money: L$300 Grab a friend and read the attached notecard now! I mean what do you have to lose? Questions, comments, or concerns contact Warryn Aries
  14. So you think you can sing? Well, enter the contest! For no fee you have a chance to win... 1500L$! It will take up to three rounds of singing to see if you can sway the one judge... Warryn so do you have what it takes? Stop by to enter the contest! Check out my picks in world to find location and fill out the form. Land called: Singing Prodigy (Jersey Records)
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