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  1. Already did that. (" I am wearing the manager role tag now." by which I meant I have the group active, the manager role selected, and hit Save.)
  2. As a group manager I cannot add group members to the host role. The land owner created a new group for a parcel I'm managing. He created two roles so now the group has everyone, host, manager and owner. I am in the roles everyone, host and manager. I am wearing the manager role tag now. The manager role has many abilities: Invite People to this Group, Eject Members from this Group, Toggle 'Open Enrollment' and change 'Enrollment fee', Create new Roles, Delete Roles, Change Roles names etc, and Assign Members to Assigner's Roles. Managers cannot Assign Members to Any Role, Remove Members from Roles. or Assign and Remove Abilities in Roles. So why can't I assign people to the host role? When I invite people to the group, the role drop down only lists "everyone". What are we not doing right? —27 Sep 2014— This looks like a LL viewer bug. I can do role assignment just fine in Firestorm. This is a bug that's been known broken since May 2014. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5922
  3. The owner could have been more polite and understanding, since you seem relatively new. But the owner was within rights.
  4. I have made a freebie vendor that rezzes an object when touched. I'd like the rezzed object to belong to the toucher using the vendor, but of course it belongs to the owner of the vendor. Because this vendor exists to speed up creation of some common objects, it's absolutely too much to expect the user to right-click to buy it for free. For one thing some of the users will be barely familiar with editing objects in the first place. Is there any other chicanery I might use? Perhaps have the rezzed object ask to attach to the user, and then promptly detach itself once they agree? If they refuse the attach request I'd make the object time out and die so it doesn't litter.
  5. I've used wifi for years and the inworld LSL editor is so far the only place this happens. I don't use a Bluetooth keyboard.
  6. The viewer I'm using is the standard Linden viewer, Second Life version ( I'm using the in world editor. This only happens with the LSL in world editor, not in chats. I should try a dialog and see if it happens there too. I'm a fastidious programmer and produce readable code, so loads of double spaced and badly indented text is a major headache, not just a nuisance.
  7. Recently the LSL editor has started to issue double line breaks. When I press Return I get two line breaks entered into my script. Has anyone else noticed this? Mac OS X 10.8.5, Second Life version (
  8. I gave 123D Creature a quick try. It looks like a fun way to sketch an avatar idea. It can now support some kind of exporting, but I haven't tried that. Do I need to make sure my creature has the same skeleton (joint tree) as the basic LL avatar?
  9. I think of "land" rental as the same thing as web hosting fees on web services. The support services needed for a virtual land server are much higher than most web sites need so the prices are higher. In both cases you are putting content on a company's machines and having that served to the world. It's tempting to transfer real world concepts to virtual worlds, such as the concept of real estate taxes. But to keep perspective it's good to remember this is rental of content hosting.
  10. When I get a notice with an attached landmark, it does not work. Once upon a time they did, but it's been a while. Whne I click the LM attachement in the notice window, a Place window appears but the LM information remains unloaded in that new window (just says "Loading" with no abiliity to TP or show it on Map). If I close the Places window and try clicking the attachment again, nothing happens. It means I must ask the sender for a teleport. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm using the latest LL viewer (3.2.8 (248931)) on Mac OS X 10.7.3.
  11. Thanks, everyone, for these thoughtful responses.
  12. I am definitely interested in basic/advanced modes in a viewer, but there are other ways to achieve ramping the learning curve to the user's interest level. I'll come out more strongly in favor of controlled region complexity, for regions that choose to be friendly to new residents by obeying complexity limitations. I think the idea of only a niche market is moribund. Yes, LL is sustaining itself, but we've seen examples of products simplified for a wide market without eliminating the access niche customers have to more complex options. MP3 players immediately pop into my mind.
  13. I have heard and used them. LL seems to think Viewer changes would help new residents, but they have also tried carefully constructed regions, sometimes in conjunction with a viewer (the brief Web-based viewer was somewhat limited where you could go). The impossible can't be achieved while we persist in calling it impossible. I think simplifying (not using loaded words like dumbing down) is necessary for the new users. A simple viewer (and maybe simple starter regions) can be a gateway experience to the richer worlds beyond. I am not advocating simplification of all viewers, or all grid builds.
  14. Let me clarify my intent a bit. This is the seed of an idea, not a finished plan. Making a viewer is undoubtedly very hard work. Tweaking one, maybe not so hard. So add some incentive in the form of prizes. And if a person has ideas but no coding skills, she can team up with someone who can code. The ideas should be functional, and not just do-nothing widgets. They don't need to be fully functional, but they do need to work well enough to give a real feel for what it could be. This is also not an implied criticism of the great work done by LL so far. It is an extension of the original idea of opening the code base, to get ideas coming it. The prize incentives are for that purpose. I see a lot of great energy put into third party viewers but they don't often focus on the new user experience. I'd love to see a lot of creativity directed at growing and persisting LL's resident base.
  15. Dear LL, Here's a free idea for you. Hold a contest for the 100 best viewers designed expressly for new residents. Submissions grant LL a right to use the code and ideas submitted. The 100 best get some small prizes, maybe with better prizes for the top 3. The exact numbers aren't important: 100 represents "enough winners to encourage a lot of entries". The goal is to get a few bright ideas from skilled users about what they'd think makes for a better new resident experience. Now just words in a forum, but real, working viewers. Start with the latest LL open source, not the extant third party viewers. Significant changes woud not be required. Only something that clearly and functionally demonstrates the concept(s). The more finished it is, the more likely to win, but a really great idea would boost winnability too. What do you think?
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