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  1. In fact I tried a 2 second sleep and it works fine. If this becomes critical I'll try adding the code you suggest. I also tested this across a logout/login region change, and it work fine that way too. Not to cast aspersions entirely on FSV, SLV had a similar issue but the 0.1 second sleep was all I needed to fix that. (For SLV it didn't get confused about the detachment state, it simply didn't detach after the TP.) Now my fellow dancers can enjoy the temp-attaching HUD while dancing, and it will vanish when they TP elsewhere. Thanks everyone for the advice and patience.
  2. Jenna: I tried testing for a flag set by at attach event instead of llGetAttached. No change of behavior. The hud image remains attached until I interact with it. As I tested I noticed that something messages me BEFORE the teleport visually starts: Of course the teleport _has not_ completed since the whole black screen/reappear elsewhere visuals start after this. I suppose what's happening is the event code is called while the script is still executing in the region being left, suspended, restored in the new region, and somewhere messages from the region(s) about attachments is confusi
  3. Die() exists so when I am debugging I can uncomment the first line to just print that it "died" without actually deleting it. I had included it for completeness of my example. Removing the leading double-slashes will uncomment it.
  4. Die() { //llOwnerSay("Die"); return; llDie(); } ... changed(integer changes) { if (changes & CHANGED_REGION) { llSleep(0.1); llRequestPermissions(attachedTo, PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if (perm & PERMISSION_ATTACH) { if (llGetAttached()) { llDetachFromAvatar(); } else { llAttachToAvatarTemp(ATTACH_HUD_TOP_LEFT); } } else { Die(); } }
  5. Yeah, I found out llDie() won't work. I need to request ATTACH permissions then I can detach it. I do a short sleep as no sleep wasn't working even in the SLV. As this happens every single time I'll have to see if I can reproduce it in a small script for a FS Jira.
  6. I know Firestorm processes events a bit differently than the Second Life Viewer, but this one has e scratching my head. I made a HUD giver. When touched it rezzes a HUD on the ground near the toucher. That HUD then asks permission to be attached as a temp-attach HUD. This all works perfectly in the SLV and FSV. When the avatar teleports to a new region the HUD waits a fraction of a second, requests permission to attach again, and then detaches. This part works perfectly in SLV but not FSV. FSV hangs onto the HUD at least visually. It remains on screen. It _sometimes_ continues to react to
  7. Answering my own question. If your browser window isn't wide enough you won't see the community menubar. From there you can pick Forums to navigate to your forum, When the browser window is wide the Search field, when editing in it, shows a popup that allows one to limit the search to this forum only. If the browser window is narrower the search field looks and behaves differently and does NOT have an option to limit searches to the current forum. Needless to say I have rather negative feelings about this bit of UI behavior. Image 1: the menubar. If you see this then your brow
  8. How do I restrict forum searches to just one forum? I found the search field filter once when I used a particular path to get to the forum, but I can't find that path again. Specifically I want to restrict search to one of the Scripting forums.
  9. I've made a non-motorized vehicle which uses llTakeControls to grab the WASD/arrow keys as well as Page Up/Down. Control is requested when they sit on the device, and works fine. When they stand control is released back to them via llReleaseControls. Every now and then the forward and back controls are not returned to the user. They can turn but not walk forward or backward (I think strafing is also broken). The device is not responding to the controls, nor is their avatar. Some of the time I believe this is because I've done some script edits while I'm sitting on the device, but other pe
  10. I believe SL relies on OpenGL. If I’m right then yes, they need to migrate off that as Apple stopped supporting OpenGL. They are moving developers to Metal. See: Apple OpenGL “Retired Document / Important: OpenGL was deprecated in macOS 10.14. To create high-performance code on GPUs, use the Metal framework instead. See Metal.“
  11. Try email to re-establish the URL connection if you suspect the HTTP server's region was restarted. llGetNextEmail()/email event, and llEmail()/llTargetedEmail(). It's got a 20 second delay, and has odd failure modes documented, but it worked reasonably for me when I needed cross-region communication without resorting to outside services. I think I was checking for updates from the server hourly or daily, but certainly not frequently.
  12. I have an object that is rezzed several times at the start of a gig for dancers to sit on. While in the rezzer inventory the seat object is in a “standby” state. That state has an on_rez event handler whose first line is llSetText. There is seconds of lag between the seat appearing and the hover text changing. This effect has been coming and going over the past couple weeks. Currently it’s back. Fortunately rezzing is a rare occurrence for the overall product.
  13. Spaces aren't what I wanted. The reason they make the text non-clickable is the viewer scans for URLs and URLs aren't allowed to have spaces. But I want it to appear as a valid URL. The technique using square brackets does not work. I tried Firestorm and the standard viewer. The <nolink> technique works exactly as i wanted. Thanks. What page documents these sorts of elements?
  14. Is it possible to llSay a SLURL and make it not clickable, that is to display it literally only? I want: llSay(0, "http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Help%20Island%20Public/181/197/23"); to display as http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Help%20Island%20Public/181/197/23 and not as: Help Island Public (181,197,23)
  15. See this old answer from 2007 about unreal Engine 3. http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/111/a0/170204/1.html It certainly does seem like things have changed enough with UE5 that SL's highly dynamic assets might work if preloaded. But remember the demo was saw did not say how big those assets were if streamed. Everything was likely already loaded, and that's a huge issue. Still, it'd be fine with me if some regions were designated UE5 and not allowed to be very dynamic (apart from avatars) and had a large download time. How large could people tolerate, though? Also notice the demo only m
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